Beanpole Sports to start Little Challenge with OMC

Beanpole Sports has started a promotional campaign called Little Challenge with nonprofit cycling organization One Mile Closer (OMC).

On Aug. 8, Samsung C&T’s Fashion division said it will conduct the Little Challenge campaign with Beanpole Sports to sincerely convey the value of the organization’s spirit of sports and sustainability after signing a partnership with OMC.

Last May, Samsung C&T’s Fashion division signed a partnership with the nonprofit campaign group OMC at Samsung C&T’s Fashion division headquarters in Seoul to strengthen its business following the growth of the sports market.


Models Ong Seong Wu and Jeon Somi pose with a bicycle while wearing promotional OMC shirts.

Beanpole Sports supports OMC, which celebrated its 10th anniversary this year, and has released a donation T-shirt using OMC’s logo, a stylized version of the organization’s abbreviation, which reflects the philosophy of James Hooper, OMC’s founder and a lifelong adventurer. It is also going to support OMC’s cycling activities via larger donations like letting more people know about Little Challenge through donations and encouraging them to participate in it.

The donation T-shirt will be sold at from Aug. 9 to 15 through SSF Shop (www.ssfshop.com), the integrated online mall of Samsung C&T’s Fashion division, and will also be available to purchase at all the stores of Beanpole Sports nationwide from the 16th. The donation T-shirt was released only in white and costs 30,000 KRW.

In addition, Beanpole Sports is going to encourage the participation of young people seek conscious consumption via its brand models Ong Seong Wu and Jeon Somi. Also, it is going to present photo cards with Polaroid pictures in them to the customers who buy the donation T-shirts as well as handing out handwritten letters from the two models by lottery.

Beanpole Sports plans to give all of the profits gained from selling the donation T-shirts to the Henry van Straubenzee Foundation, which supports a Nalango school in Uganda, and SOS Children’s Villages, which provides a nurturing environment for children who are not protected by their families.

Together with this, Beanpole Sports has prepared the Little Challenge direct participation program for consumers. To convey the meaning of this campaign supporting children’s education, it lets consumers participate in the campaign by posting specific photos on SNS. They can post pictures of them selves in a “transparent chair pose” or telling other people about the release of the Beanpole Sports’ donation T-shirts.

Also starting Sept. 29 and lasting a week, Beanpole Sports and OMC are going to hold the OMC 2019 Korea 5 Mountains event, which is the highlight of the campaign. It is a cycling trek that will start at Paldang Station and return to Seoul via Hoengseong-gun, Mangsang, Inje and Daeseong-ri. The participants are expected to gain a sense of achievement as well as practice the joy of sharing while cycling about 900km for a week and living together in tents.

Kang Hong-joon, the head of the sports business, said, “Beanpole Sports and OMC prepared this campaign to sincerely convey the value of sports spirit and sustainability,” and went on to say, “We will do our best to make it a multilateral donation relay with donations through product sales, SNS and cycling.”

OMC was founded after the death of Rob Gauntlett, a young adventurer, and began in 2009 as a fundraising program for a 1,000 mile (about 1,600 km) cycling trek by James Hooper and Rob Gauntlett’s friends and family to respect his spirit of adventure, challenge and volunteerism. OMC means “getting closer to the goal by one mile” and it reminds everyone that they can eventually reach the goal if they consistently prepare and don’t give up.

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