Raemian: Building a new future as a Life Companion

In the last 18 months, regulations on social distancing and self-isolation have been enforced in many countries to control and prevent the spread of COVID-19. This has naturally led to an increase in the time that people spend in their homes.

While in the past, one’s home was merely considered a place for living or resting after the daily activities, people’s inability or reluctance to travel beyond their front door has seen the rise of homes as workplaces, as well as schools, cafes, restaurants, and movie theaters.

With this expansion of the concept of “home,” Raemian, a brand of apartments built by Samsung C&T Engineering & Construction (E&C) Group, is focusing on improving the quality of residential spaces and presenting a new vision.

Making better spaces for living

Raemian is leading the future of smart living environments by applying the latest technology to people’s residences. For example, it was the first apartment brand in Korea to introduce wearable devices linked to apartment entrance doors. It was also the first in the Korean construction industry to integrate Internet of Things (IoT) technology and a residential system in its own Raemian IoT Platform. This year, the Raemian Artificial Intelligence (RAI) Life Hall at the Raemian Home Lab has unveiled new technologies such as AI services tailored to residents’ lifestyles and delivery robots.

The brand is making ongoing efforts to provide unique experiences and customer satisfaction to residents. For example, Raemian develops its own landscaping design strategies every year. One of them is a piloti garden that utilizes piloti spaces as landscaping areas, creating beautiful and welcoming rest areas for apartment dwellers. To diversify community facilities and take into consideration modern lifestyles, Raemian offers optional pet care services and healthcare for elderly people.

AI robot that can be met at a Raemian
Piloti garden built at a Raemian apartment complex

These efforts have paid off with the recognition of Raemian. Last year, for 23 straight years, Raemian was ranked first in the apartment category of the National Customer Satisfaction Index (NCSI) survey conducted by the Korea Productivity Center. The NCSI is calculated by conducting face-to-face questionnaires of customers who have experienced the products and services being surveyed, and is the world’s largest research of its kind. In the 2020 index, Samsung C&T E&C Group received a score of 85 out of 100. A total of 8 construction companies were included in that survey, and the average score given was 77.

Furthermore, this year Raemian came first in the apartment category of the National Brand Competitiveness Index (NBCI) for 18 consecutive years, and also in the Korea Brand Power Index (K-BPI) for 20 consecutive years.

Raemian has been recognized by various indices, including NCSI, NBCI, and K-BPI.

A new Raemian brand identity for a new era

Last May, Raemian presented its new brand identity, positioning itself as a Life Companion, which means it will be there for residents in every moment of their lives, beyond simply providing products and services.

Raemian will envisage a trendy lifestyle with personalized spaces and differentiated services. In addition, it aims to support the daily lives of residents with data-based AI technology. Further, Raemian wants to enrich the lives of its residents by seeking to engage them in more open communication.

Its renewed logo enhances a future-oriented look while playing with elements from previous logos. The three vertical lines refer to humanity, nature and technology, and also embrace the will to harmonize, sustain and develop. The color green means future-oriented and nature-rich, while gray symbolizes beauty, ideals and freedom. A newly created font smoothly connects curves and straight lines to evoke a modern and future-oriented image.

Raemian's new brand identity

Speaking about the future of Raemian, Baek Jong-tak, head of the Residential Division, said, “Raemian’s new vision and brand identity renewal have been announced to lead new trends in residential culture,” adding, “Raemian will continue to provide customers with improved living spaces through actively participating in a range of construction projects.”

Based on its interesting journey for about two decades, we can look forward to Raemian’s bright future that will lead modern residential spaces and apartment lifestyles.

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