Samsung C&T’s E&C Group, a leader in the construction industry

In 2021, Samsung C&T Engineering & Construction Group successfully won several bids for large construction projects. In the industry, Samsung C&T is striving to go beyond merely doing business by working to solve safety, environmental, and social problems, leading a new developmental construction culture. Let’s find out about the performance of Samsung C&T E&C Group, which leads trends and technological innovation in the construction industry.

Demonstration of construction capabilities

The core businesses of Samsung C&T E&C Group can be divided into four categories: buildings, civil infrastructure, plants, and residential. Each of these capabilities has been recognized, as can be seen by their success in winning projects this year.

First, Samsung C&T E&C has been active internationally in building civil infrastructure and plants, such as the Qatar LNG export base construction project, the Singapore Subway Cross Island Line CR112 Project,  and Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport’s Terminal 3.

In Korea, the company has won contracts in a number of residential projects, including the Dogok Samho Reconstruction Project in Dogok-dong, in Seoul’s Gangnam-gu, and the Myeongryun 2 Reconstruction Project in Dongnae-gu, Busan. Samsung C&T was also selected as a contractor for the remodeling project of Anam Apartment in Godeok-dong, Gangdong-gu. In addition, in a consortium together with Hyundai Engineering & Construction, Samsung C&T successfully bid for the right to remodel Kumho Byeoksan Apartment in Seongdong-gu, in east Seoul.

Going forward, Samsung C&T E&C will continue to deliver top-quality construction projects based on its technological expertise and experience.

An expected bird’s eye view of Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport’s Terminal 3. In March 2021, Samsung C&T E&C Group won the bid to carry out this project.

Improving the safety of construction sites

One of the biggest issues at construction sites remains safety, and Samsung C&T E&C Group is continuing to come up with measures to prevent safety-related accidents.

An example of that is stop-work authority: the company declared in March that it would completely guarantee the authority of workers to cease work when there are safety matters that require attention and over the next six months a total of 2,175 work suspensions were carried out for safety reasons. Samsung C&T E&C Group will continue to make efforts to establish a safety culture that empowers workers to ensure their own safety.

To reduce the risk to human workers, robot technology is now used for some dangerous tasks at construction sites. For example, Samsung C&T E&C Group now replaces fireproofing on steel pillars and support beams in buildings, a job classified as high-risk, using robots.

To raise safety awareness among workers, good training is crucial. Samsung C&T E&C Group has introduced ‘SMAR’T’, an equipment safety training program that incorporates virtual reality. The effectiveness of the overall training will be maximized through the use of equipment accident simulation programs and repeated learning of educational videos that show situations that may occur in the actual field.

In addition, Samsung C&T E&C Group has developed the Risk Elimination Device (RED), a piece of equipment to manage and eliminate risk. The device is expected to help remove unnecessary equipment at construction sites and prevent accidents by collecting and analyzing the operating time and location data of construction equipment in real time.

There is a cost to increasing on-site safety, but Samsung C&T E&C Group sees this as an investment in human capital, its greatest asset. It organizes safety reinforcement by paying additional employment labor costs for safety managers, facilities investment, and education. As a result, the company actively supports the establishment of a safe working environment centered on field workers.

In the future, Samsung C&T E&C Group will continue to spare no effort to reduce industrial accidents at construction sites.

Workers conducting safety education using SMAR’T.

Workers conducting safety education using SMAR’T.

As the global community pays ever more attention to environmental problems and trying to solve them, Samsung C&T E&C Group is striving to fulfill its corporate responsibility for the environment by continuously investing efforts in effective environmental management.

In part thanks to this commitment, Samsung C&T E&C Group was selected as the best carbon management company in the construction industry for five consecutive years from 2012. Samsung C&T has discovered differentiated energy efficiency technologies and greenhouse gas reduction methods to build eco-friendly buildings and is actively applying these to the entire process of planning, designing, constructing, and operating its structures.

Leading construction technology innovation

Samsung C&T E&C Group is unstinting in its efforts to apply new technologies in the construction industry and is actively investing in research and development to that end. In the field of artificial intelligence (AI) smart homes, Samsung C&T is planning to commercialize convenience services, home offices, and home training using future technologies such as AI, robots and drones.

In building information modeling (BIM), Samsung C&T E&C Group registered a BIM International Standard Certification with the International Organization for Standardization  as ISO 19650. With this certification, the BIM information management capabilities, standardized technology and quality, and professional technical manpower capabilities of the company were officially recognized internationally throughout the phases of project development, including bidding, design, and construction.

Furthermore, Samsung C&T E&C is playing a leading role in solving the inter-floor noise problem in apartment buildings through its Inter-floor Noise Research Institute that develops and tests technology to reduce noise transference between building floors.

Going forward, Samsung C&T E&C Group will continue to actively solve safety and environmental problems beyond its own projects and make efforts to lead a new developmental construction culture.

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