Smart home platform ‘Homeniq’

On a hot day, it would be nice to turn on your home air conditioning while still on your commute so that the rooms are cool before you arrive. And what about a coffee machine that brews in time for your breakfast, a vacuum cleaner you can start while away from home, and a washing machine that automatically washes a load at a time you choose?

Such things are now possible thanks to Internet of Things (IoT) technology that connects devices through the internet. Samsung C&T’s Engineering & Construction Group is making our home lives richer and more convenient thanks to the best in IoT technology.

Samsung C&T's residential platform Homeniq app offers greater control over the residential environment.

Bringing smartness to homes

IoT technology is being employed in “smart homes,” where domestic appliances and systems are connected and controlled by a wall panel or even smartphone. Basically, everything from heating to cooling, lighting, home appliances, and more can be remotely controlled through smart homes using IoT.

During the coronavirus pandemic, when many people worked from home and online classes were common, people began to value hi-tech convenience at home, leading to high growth in the smart home market, with companies from many different sectors eagerly getting involved. The market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 10%, from $101.7 billion in 2023 to $163.7 billion in 2028.

However, even while the size of the smart home market is growing, a formidable problem has long been that the devices and apps of different companies are not interoperable. This has limited the smartness of smart homes. But now that global standards for smart home connectivity have been established, it will be possible to enjoy even smarter homes in the future.

We have been following Samsung C&T’s leadership in the IoT and smart home trend over recent years. The new smart home platform recently announced by Samsung C&T follows this new standard for connectivity, bringing more convenience to residents.

Homeniq: a residential platform created by Samsung C&T

Samsung C&T E&C Group has recently launched Homeniq, a new residential living platform that integrates various services into one. By applying the most modern home IoT technology to residential spaces, this platform will provide not only the convenience of a smart home, but also services such as cultural life, healthcare, and community activities.

A portmanteau of home, technique, and unique, Homeniq suggests the experience of a differentiated home life thanks to advanced technology that realizes your own unique lifestyle. Through its Homeniq platform, Samsung C&T hopes to provide connectivity, coexistence, new experiences, and premium services to residents.

Samsung C&T’s Homeniq will offer residents connectivity, coexistence, new experiences, and premium services.

There are two parts to Homeniq: Home Ground, which improves the residential space by upgrading smart home technology, and Life Inside, which enriches the lives of residents. In total, 20 different services are planned to be offered through Homeniq.

One comprehensive, integrated app will allow residents to access all their Homeniq features and services.

The first roll-out by Samsung C&T of new smart home technology will add convenience to residents’ lives by expanding the concept of connectivity and control among different devices through Homeniq and expand not just individual household control but connection to community facilities and management offices. MATTER, an international IoT communications standard, will be employed so that residents can connect a home IoT device of their choice to Homeniq.

In addition, Samsung C&T has announced that it will offer new experiences by applying Metaverse technology to households, allowing residents to design their interior living spaces, manage their health and pet care, and admire artwork in their offline apartment spaces.

The Group also plans to provide a community place by creating online and offline communication spaces where residents can exchange information. Homeniq users can receive further premium benefits such as online shopping malls and cards exclusively for residents.

Samsung C&T is continuing to expand its platform ecosystem through active partnerships with various companies to increase synergy by combining technologies, new ideas, and specialty products through cloud-based open application programming interfaces (API) in the near future.

Homeniq’s range of services have been integrated into one comprehensive smartphone app, and specific services were released on August 23rd at an interactive customer-facing event. The first roll-out was at the Raemian One Bailey apartment complex, which opened its doors at the end of August.

Through Homeniq, Samsung C&T plans to move into the platform business in earnest, aspiring to lead innovation in residential culture by expanding the value chain to various services that will enrich the lives of its customers.

Increasing residents’ convenience

Samsung C&T constantly strives to grow the convenience and comfort of residents of apartments such as Raemian, its premium residential brand. In 2018 it unveiled the Raemian Home Lab-Smart Life Hall, introducing smart home technologies such as voice recognition and wearable one-pass. Renamed Raemian Artificial Intelligence (RAI) Life Hall, this facility researches future tech such as AI, robots, and drone deliveries. Samsung C&T E&C Group is already expanding the application of smart home technology, recently signing a business agreement to provide smart healthcare services through its Homeniq platform.

Samsung C&T is widening the scale of its work to smart cities, participating in the Busan Eco-Delta City project and playing a prominent role in smart city businesses. The Group will continue to realize customer satisfaction with advanced technologies and services, striving to build convenient and safe houses and cities.

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