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Construction sites made safer by stop-work authority

In any industry these days, safety is the top priority. This is particularly true in industries where heavy equipment is used and work is done at great heights, such as in the construction sector, and it is why efforts to prevent accidents are essential. Around the world, construction companies are

Getting to know EV charging infrastructure

At a glance​ Global EV sales are set to jump 35% this year, meaning 14 million more EVs on the road There are 2.7 million public charging points for EVs globally, though availability varies significantly The EV charging infrastructure market is expected to soar at a CAGR of 31.02% between

Getting to know EVs

The global EV market is set to expand more than eightfold by 2028 EVs are not only an eco-friendly option, they are also relatively safe as they must pass safety tests EV batteries can be recycled, and Samsung C&T supplies some of their recovered resources The recent return of the

Getting to know hydrogen, Part 2

Around 40 national hydrogen strategies have already been released or are in development Hydrogen holds great potential for applications such as transportation and power generation The hydrogen economy could produce jobs as well as cutting carbon emissions Hydrogen is growing as a key clean energy solution, as we saw in

Samsung C&T Q1 2023 earnings

Overall Performance Revenue: KRW 10.239T, down KRW 201B (1.9%↓) from KRW 10.44T in Q1 2022 Operating Profit: KRW 641B, up KRW 99B (18.3%↑) from KRW 542B in Q1 2022 Despite continued global economic uncertainty, Samsung C&T posted improvements in overall performance in Q1 2023 as it maintained solid profitability on

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