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Samsung C&T Q1 2022 earnings

Overall Performance Revenue: KRW 10.44T, up KRW 2.6T (33.2%↑) from KRW 7.84T in Q1 2021 Operating Profit: KRW 542B, up KRW 239B (78.9%↑) from KRW 303B in Q1 2021 In Q1, both revenue and operating profit improved as Samsung C&T’s efforts to improve its business fundamentals and competitiveness came to

Former Samsung C&T exec selected as member of National Academy of Engineering

Former Samsung C&T Executive Vice President Ahmad Abdelrazaq has been chosen as a member of the prestigious U.S.-based National Academy of Engineering (NAE). The NAE selected Abdelrazaq in recognition of his innovative achievements in design, construction, and ensuring the health of some of the world’s largest and most sophisticated buildings.

Samsung C&T FY 2021 & Q4 2021 earnings

Samsung C&T posted KRW 34.455Tn in revenue and KRW 1.196Tn in operating profit for FY 2021 on the back of continued steady growth through strengthening business competitiveness and enhancing management efficiency. The company saw both revenue and operating profit increase in Q4 2021 compared to a year earlier, mainly due

Samsung C&T receives A in latest MSCI ESG Ratings

Samsung C&T has moved up a notch to receive an A rating in the latest MSCI ESG Ratings assessment, jumping from the previous year’s BBB rating. MSCI, or Morgan Stanley Capital International, evaluates and announces ESG Ratings for 14,000 companies worldwide every year based on their resilience to long-term, financially relevant ESG

Samsung C&T Q3 2021 earnings

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