Samsung C&T helps communities to grow stronger

At the start of the new year, the time when many people make New Year’s resolutions, it is a good opportunity to consider afresh the social impact of our activities. In recent decades, companies have awoken to the idea of corporate social responsibility and are finding meaningful ways to have a positive influence on the communities and environment around them.

Samsung C&T’s Engineering & Construction Group is working to help build up communities and to solve social issues both at home and abroad. The E&C Group is especially carrying out social contribution activities that focus on improving the residential environment and educating future generations by taking advantage of its role as a major player in the construction industry.

This article will focus on the Samsung Village Project, one of Samsung C&T’s social contribution activities. Before reading the main part of the article, the reader is encouraged to see an illustration of what a Samsung Village by watching the video below, filmed at the eighth Samsung Village project in Bangladesh.

Building Samsung Villages

In line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Samsung C&T Engineering & Construction Group is implementing projects to improve housing, education, sanitation, and health conditions in local communities in Korea and overseas, to create stronger and healthier communities and their living environment.

Specifically, the Samsung Village project is a series of activities to take advantage of the unique characteristics of the construction industry to contribute to society while helping its less privileged members. The project started with the first village in Pasir Halang, Indonesia, in February 2015. There are now nine established Samsung Villages in Indonesia, India, Vietnam, and Bangladesh. Construction started on village number ten in Vietnam in October 2022. Each village comprises a number of constructed or renovated residential spaces, upgraded schools, and public toilets.

To create a safe and clean environment for residents of the village, Samsung C&T employees volunteer to contribute directly to the construction of village kindergartens, schoolrooms, toilets, and water supply facilities. In addition, Samsung C&T gives its unstinting support for the sustainability of each village by providing education in safety, health, hygiene, and disaster preparedness, as well as capacity building for village families.

Samsung C&T carries out this project in cooperation with international nongovernmental organizations Such as Habitat for Humanity Korea and Good Neighbors.

Building Village Number 10

The 10th Samsung Village to be built is in Kỳ Anh district, in Vietnam’s Hà Tĩnh province. As this region is flood-prone it was selected to improve the disaster response capacity of the local community. The groundbreaking ceremony was held in October 2022 and was attended by Vietnamese government officials as well as Samsung C&T employees.

Prior to the start of construction, Samsung C&T volunteers toured the area to identify local needs. It was found that schools were in dilapidated condition, and bathrooms couldn’t handle sewage properly. Furthermore, the walls and foundations of many buildings were weak, causing serious safety hazards and requiring urgent repairs.

Samsung C&T will repair homes and schools and help residents live better lives by giving them knowledge to maintain them properly.

Other social contribution activities

Samsung C&T E&C Group also conducts Samsung Village projects in Korea. Since 2000, the Group has contributed to improving quality of life for residents in Gwangyang, Asan, Gyeongsan, Gangneung, Cheonan, and Gimhae by carrying out housing renovation projects for low-income families.

Another social contribution activity is the Dream Tomorrow project, through which Samsung C&T E&C Group builds educational facilities for children in impoverished areas overseas. Beginning with the establishment of elementary schools in Central Java, Indonesia in November 2013, a total of five educational facilities were established in Thailand, Vietnam, India, and Mongolia as of 2017, and educational programs were supported.

As such, the Samsung C&T E&C Group plans to continue conducting outreach activities in 2023 that seek to increase the shared value of the company and the local community.

Scenes from the 10th Samsung Village in Kỳ Anh district in Vietnam’s Hà Tĩnh province, including photos showing the state of the facilities before the project commenced, and the groundbreaking ceremony, can be seen in the video below.

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