Remaking fashion for 20 years: Thom Browne

When Thom Browne was young, he didn’t know he was going to become a style icon for the 21th century. He studied economics at university and tried a stint as an actor. But it was when he moved to New York in the late 1990s and began working in luxury

Black and gray are the new black

The New York Times saw it coming way back in March: Its fashion review of that month’s Paris Fashion Week was titled “What You Really Need Next Season is a Big Black Coat.” After last year’s bright and flashy revival of Y2K looks and this year’s march through all the

Finding your elegance with Galaxy

What does turning 40 mean? For some it can mean becoming inflexible, old-fashioned, perhaps even stuffy. But for others it is a chance to renew oneself, to embrace middle age while doing so with class, style, and a little panache. That is exactly what Samsung C&T Fashion Group’s menswear brand

Quiet is the new luxury

“Quiet is the New Loud”. Now everybody is talking about a new trend: Quiet is the new luxury. Quiet luxury is everywhere these days, from celebrity paparazzi stories , through interior decorating advice , and to the most recent New York Fashion Week . But what exactly is quiet luxury?

Study these outfits to look good at school

Summer vacation is over, and children and students of all ages are going back to school. A new school semester always brings with it new opportunities and challenges – Who will teach me? Will I enjoy the classes? What will I wear to school? When we think of back-to-school outfits,

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