What is the secret of select shop 10 Corso Como?

“Select shops” are stores that feature a range of brands chosen to target a specific audience. Over the last decade they have appeared and grown in popularity in Korea, making a place for themselves as a place to introduce, incubate, and grow global trends in the local market. Samsung C&T’s

All that glitters is quite bold: metallic is the cool trend

It’s in pants, dresses, bags, and boots – and even on fingernails. Silver, metallic, and all things shiny are on trend this summer. British Vogue magazine called it back in January when it sought to answer the question, “Why will we all fall back in love with silver in 2023?”

This year’s core of fashion is the fashion of -cores

Lately it seems any clothing style that is in vogue is labeled [source of inspiration + core]. According to Vogue magazine, this started back in 2013 with normcore, “a look for people who didn’t want to stand out but saw the social power of fitting in.” This was followed by

Raffia and swimsuits sizzle as summer resort wear

As weary workers in the cities start preparing for their annual summer vacation, sales of bikinis and other swimsuit items are already soaring. Beachwear and resort wear are predictably high on the shopping list of most vacationers. Also enjoying a growth in interest this year are accessories made from straw

What to wear on a rainy summer’s day?

Summer brings with it not just heat but also, depending on where you live, frequent and sometimes heavy rain. In such sultry climates, a summer wardrobe needs to have some strategic items that can dry quickly on a rainy day and can look bright and attractive even when dark clouds

Summer styling to look cool in the heat

Summer is upon us, and as the mercury keeps creeping closer to 30 degrees Celsius, people are looking for cooler garments to wear outdoors. Fashion stores have already put their summer wear items on prominent display, causing workers and students itching for a vacation to eye cool clothing to find

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