Birthday Cheer: Discounts, Exhibitions and More at 2-year Old Heartist House

For shoppers and staff alike, it is hard to believe that Heartist House, in Seoul’s ultra-trendy fashion and design hotspot Samcheong-dong, is already two years old.

Heartist House enables shoppers, volunteer sales staff and fashion designers to make a difference to the lives of the disadvantaged – and contribute to the building of better communities. Profits are donated to worthy causes, aiding charities who work with visually impaired children and low-income households.

Regulars know that there is always something going on at Heartist House, with pop-up stores, exhibitions and more. But with the store’s second anniversary now on the agenda, fall at this Samcheong-dong store is promising to be unmissable.

Bag it Up

Are you feeling lucky? Shoppers keen to see what the fashion gods have in store for them can buy a lucky bag filled with mystery items donated by some of Samsung C&T Fashion Group’s brands. Some bags also feature clothes and accessories created by up-and-coming designers.

The mystery bags cost 10,000 won (around US$10) each, and are available (while stocks last) until the end of October.

Staying Warm

Did you know that trees can also feel the winter cold? And that pests and vermin pose a constant threat to the health of Samcheong-dong’s famous trees?

That is why Heartist House has decided to lend mother nature a helping hand on the streets of the neighborhood.

Teaming up with customers, renowned designers and members of Samsung C&T Fashion Group, Heartist House has begun decorating the trees lining the street that leads from central Samcheong-dong – all the way to the Korean prime minister’s official residences – with trunk coverings.

Keeping it in the Neighborhood

If you are planning to spend a day in Samcheong-dong, there are now more reasons than ever to head to Heartist House.

Visit participating shops, cafes and art galleries in the area this fall – collecting three stamps on a special “Heartist for Samscheong-dong” loyalty card – and you could be in line to take away a free gift from Heartist House.

Customers can also enjoy a range of discounts at stores and eateries in the neighborhood – great news for Samscheong-dong shopaholics!

Getting Hands-on

Heartist House has made a name for itself with its many and various exhibitions. And this fall is no exception – with a whole relay of events planned this season, including hands-on DIY sessions.

Earlier this month, Marymond and Made by Mary, the first exhibition in the series, was a hit for budding designers, and featured a DIY class where attendees could learn to make their own ornate, floral-patterned handkerchiefs using French embroidery techniques.

Next on the agenda was an exhibition in collaboration with Dotween and Eone Korea. Dotween offered limited-edition leather bookmarks as part of its “Delivering Heart” campaign, as well as a workshop that allowed visitors to make their own braille bookmarks.

Eone Korea, meanwhile, showcased the Bradley Timepiece, an innovative watch designed to help visually impaired wearers keep time.

The relay program is rounded out with an exhibition of handmade knitted goods. In conjunction with Korean brand Nanewni Yarn, this runs from October 18 until the end of the month. Visitors here can peruse a range of warm items ideal for the increasingly chilly weather, and take part in interactive knitting sessions.

Fashionable Future

With a range of exciting activities planned to celebrate two years of creativity, style and giving, fashionistas visiting Seoul this month will not want to miss out on a trip to Heartist House.

Plenty more exciting pop-up events and exhibitions are planned for the rest of the year. And as the store now moves into its third year of life, hopes are high for yet more fashionable and charitable fun in the future.

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