Outfit of the Day: Cool Summer Wardrobe for the Office

Trying to stay cool in the summer is difficult enough, but accomplishing that while looking work appropriate comes with a completely different set of challenges. If you’re trying to put together a cool summer wardrobe that will get you up to speed on the latest trends, we have a breezy lineup perfect for the weeks to come.

Magic Fabric for Men

Long pants, long sleeve shirts, and jackets. A lot of this you can’t do away with in the office even in the summer, meaning the key to staying cool lies in the fabrics you choose to wear.

‘Refrigerator pants’ are still a favorite among men and women, but this year in menswear, we’re seeing a plethora of clothes dominate the industry with whimsical names like ‘flying jackets,’ ‘aircon t-shirts,’ and ‘ice pants.’

Another popular option this year is the ‘COOLHAN t-shirt,’ which incorporates fabric produced from a plant called paper mulberry – actually used to make Korean traditional paper known as hanji.

Also all the rage this summer are puckered all-cotton seersucker suits, triacetate blazers that are slightly rougher on the skin but more wrinkle resistant, and clothes made with ‘air dot’ fabrics, which come with miniscule holes, making them lighter and more breathable.

1. For meetings

If you have an important meeting, pair up a cool summer fabric suit with your favorite linen shirt. It will give you the clean look you want, and the confidence you need.

2. For added comfort

Try out a soft-colored blazer with chinos and lighter footwear. You can make a seamless transition from the office right to a Friday dinner, all while staying in style.

Bold Patterns for Women

Abnormally high mercury levels can wear you down, but how about enlivening your daily routine with a few simple items?

Summer stripes have now become a staple for many. From the classic go-to nautical stripes to more playful combinations, options are plentiful. Vivid colors, bold patterns, and eye-catching prints are also perfect to experiment with in the summer as clothes get thinner and simpler in design.

If you’re worried about coordinating with other clothes, remember that less is more. Keep things easy with a linen matchup in light colors, whether it be with a skirt, shorts, or a pair of pants.

1. For meetings

If you have an important conference just ahead, try going with a light-colored suit but add a striped shirt to project more dynamism.

2. For added comfort

From soft floral prints to symmetrical patterns with flair, there are no shortage of options to pick from this summer.

Looking clean and sharp in the sweltering heat is no easy task. But by bringing together the right fabrics, colors, and patterns, you can strike the perfect balance in style while warding off the heat.

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