Athleisure For Any Occasion: Finding Your Perfect Sporty Fit

‘Athleisure’ is a fusion of sportswear and fashion that has been popular amongst sports aficionados, style-conscious millennials and Fashion Week designers alike for the past few years. Its popularity shows no sign of abating anytime soon, thanks to growing consumer interest in flexible fashions and wellness-friendly trends. A recent report by Allied Market Research predicted that the global activewear market will reach US $546,802 million by 2024.

The unique space in both fashion and everyday lifestyle that ‘athleisure’ takes up was immortalized in 2015 when it entered the Merriam-Webster dictionary, defined as “casual clothing designed to be worn both for exercising and for general use.” As the trend continues to grow, so do the options available to consumers.

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From the Running Track to the Runway

Sportswear, originally conceptualized to help budding athletes perform at their best, has struck a chord with all manner of consumers. Be they sports personalities looking for the latest in fabric technology, young professionals looking for comfort and flexibility for the easiest work-life balance, or streetwear fans looking to emulate the latest imaginative runway styles and fabrics, there is something for everyone.

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Whichever of the athleisure fan categories you fit into, never has it been easier for consumers to find a style that best suits their lifestyle. Take a look at three of the latest athleisure collections hitting stores this fall to find something for your tastes, whatever type of sportsperson you may be.

Work/Life Balance Wear

Following the success of their F/W ’17 and S/S ‘18 sports products lines, renowned fast-fashion brand 8SECONDS is launching its latest ‘Active 8’ athleisure line this fall. Suitable for everyday wear as well as for sports, this line is perfect for both men and women who are keen to pursue a healthy and active lifestyle whilst staying up to date with the latest fashion trends.

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This season’s Active 8 collection features neutral color blocks and tailored, comfortable fits for a fresh, young look that is as appropriate for the practice field as it is for chic city streets. The products are portable, packable and easy to wear, making the line suitable for those who are always on-the-go and require items that help them manage a busy work/life balance with ease and style.

For those interested in wellness activities with mindfulness at their core, such as yoga and running, the Active 8 designers have ensured these latest designs feature stretchy, breathable fabrics for optimized activity and performance.

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Fashionable Functionality

Beanpole Outdoor, a brand formerly focused on functional outdoor activity essentials, has recently relaunched to become Beanpole Sport. The change has generated two exciting new lines, both based in sportswear expertise and smart fabric technologies for each and every activity consumers may wish to pursue.

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The first new line, Beanpole Sport Original, carries on the functionality and robust offering of the brand’s previous incarnation, but with products now tailored to all types of sports activities, not just climbing. The second new line, Beanpole Sport Active, builds on the brand’s legacy of creating lasting sportswear and combines it with fashionable cuts and colors.

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Perfect for those looking for reliable sportswear that won’t let them down, the new Beanpole Sport lines combine style with practicality for a resilient yet stylish offering. The launch of Beanpole Sport also features a tie-in with popular K-Pop group TWICE to demonstrate the products’ utility and sartorial charms. Click here to see the campaign in action, and keep up with the new Beanpole Sport lines on their official Instagram channel, @beanpolesport.

Premium Designs for Every Occasion

Well-known American brand Tory Burch launched its trademark athleisure line Tory Sport in the US in 2015. This fall, for the first time, Tory Sport is launching in Korea. The line is known for its refined materials, classy sets and detailed designs, and is perfect for those looking to emulate the effortless American street style.

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While the brand’s F/W ’18 collection maintains its patented high-end feel, the clothes on offer remain as functional as ever. Its signature performance items, including its Tech Ponte leggings that fit any body shape snugly, are functional and appropriate for even the most die-hard sportswoman. Tory Sport’s products are made with leading sports materials, including Coolmax and Tactel, yet designed with style worthy of the runway so that you can always look fashionable when running, be it for a tennis ball or for the subway doors.

 The latest Tory Sport collection comes in four distinct categories – Running & Studio, Coming & Going, Golf & Tennis and Travel Luxe – meaning that, for the fashion-conscious sportswoman, there is a Tory Sport style for every occasion.

Source: Tory Sport

As the popularity of easy and sporty fashion continues to rise, the Samsung C&T Fashion Group’s brands endeavor to create products that truly reflect what consumers are interested in. Never before has fast fashion been so “ready for anything” – and, with the latest offering from brands like 8SECONDS, Beanpole and Tory Burch, so too can you be.

Active Eight, Beanpole Sport and Tory Sport will be available for purchase from fall 2018.

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