Beyond the Coral Reef: Where to Spot Pantone’s Color of the Year 2019

For over 20 years, Pantone has been paving the way in color forecasting with its researched-backed Color of the Year announcements. This year has been no exception and after extensive research, Pantone has revealed its official color for 2019 – PANTONE 16-1546, or ‘Living Coral’.

Chosen for its bright appearance and warm, golden undertone, Living Coral stands as a beacon of optimism and vitality for lifestyles around the world that are growing ever more complicated. Simultaneously bold and calming, the shade – as well as its name – is evocative of the nurturing and nourishing role coral plays in the marine ecosystem. But 2019’s color of the year can also be found across a wide span of environments and industries – beyond the coral reef.

Choosing the ‘Color of the Year’

The Pantone Color Institute is a world-renowned provider of professional color language standards, and their Color of the Year choice comes out of a cemented understanding of a wide of range of trend-leading sectors, from graphic design to the entertainment industry.

Source: Pantone

In order to decide on the 2019 Color of the Year, the Institute’s experts have spent 2018 scrupulously analyzing color trends and forecasts across all manner of industries ahead of making their announcement this December. No stone remains unturned in determining the latest taste-making trends and their accompanying color palettes, with influences such as global socio-economic conditions, new lifestyles, social media platforms and even global sporting events considered.

Following this process, Living Coral has been named the Color of the Year 2019 as the shade symbolizes our current “innate need for optimism and joyful pursuits”, notes the Institute. Its vibrancy instantly recalls the awe-inspiring undersea vistas of its namesake, the coral reef, but as the Pantone experts have determined, ‘Living Coral’ is and has been prominent across a variety of fields – and species.

Living Coral in Interior Design

Given that Living Color has been chosen for the bright, warm sensation it evokes, a perfect place to spot this color is in interior design. The soothing feeling it evokes makes it a great choice for all spaces, big or small, as the color is at once compelling and yet unobtrusive.

The color makes for an eye-pleasing block wall color against which to position furniture and other fixtures, or can serve as an accent, such as a lightshade, for a welcoming pop of color.

Living Coral has also made its way into lifestyle design, popping up in statement house accessories and even tasteful pet furniture, serving as a bright and warm room accent wherever you might place them in your home.

Left – KUHO [BITOSSI] Mini Hourglass, Right – Wooof by BETTERS Smallstuff HouseTable Pet Bed

Living Coral in Fashion

Given its vibrant appearance offset by warmer undertones, Living Coral has established itself as a trendy and evergreen fashion staple. Much like its application in interior design, Living Coral makes a for a great block statement piece, be it on a pullover offset by a contrasting color or an energizing and bold oversized layered shirt.

Both of the above products were designed in collaboration with Samsung Fashion & Design Fund award winners;

Top – BEAKER x PLYS (SFDF ’18 winner), Bottom – 8SECONDS x TELL THE TRUTH (sfdf ’17 winner)

Not only is this color perfect for elevating everyday looks, it also makes for wardrobe staples that add a vivid pop of color to any outfit.  Living Coral can be found in a wide range of accessories and coats, a bright and positive nod to the start of 2019 and the approach of spring.

Topleft – 8SECONDS Pattern Contrasted Long Socks, Topright – BEANPOLE Moon Cardholder
Bottom – KUHO Cashmere Blend Scarf Coat

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