The online shopping mall riding a new Korean Wave

Online shopping is booming and showing no sign of slowing down. Reports in recent months have shown related records being broken repeatedly in South Korea, the home of K-shopping.

For example, the country’s online retail sales jumped 15.9 percent in 2018 from the previous year, compared with just a 1.9 percent rise offline, according to the Ministry of Trade. The numbers for online shopping in South Korea continue to impress this year as well. In March, the total value of online transactions was up another 18.6 percent from last year based on data from Statistics Korea, while the same agency showed an all-time high in May and a 17.3 percent leap in June compared with the same month in 2018.

It’s also interesting that onlookers are picking up on a rising K-fashion trend, riding the so-called Korean wave, or “hallyu,” that has already built momentum through K-pop and K-beauty. During the last two fashion weeks in Seoul, global media from Vogue to the Asia Times have been speculating about the direction of K-fashion.

Keen K-shoppers from all over the world can get their own sense at ssfshop.com.

An authentic and original K-shopping experience

Offering web-based and mobile access in Korean, English and Chinese, ssfshop.com is an online multi-lifestyle shopping mall operated by Samsung C&T Fashion Group.

Ssfshop.com makes a welcoming first impression, with a clear layout featuring numerous fashion and lifestyle categories and multiple language options.

The platform presents a variety of products for men, women, kids and sports including Galaxy, KUHO, LEBEIGE, Brooks, Beanpole Kids and SPA Brand 8 Seconds. The outcome is a representative showcase of what’s on trend in the world of K-fashion.

Women’s Brands

Men’s Brands

Kids’ Brands

SPA Brands

Sports Brands

It also brings together luxurious fashion brands from home and abroad like Balenciaga, Rick Owens, etc.

Luxury Brands

Fashion and lifestyle under one virtual roof

K-shopping goes well beyond fashion, however. It is about choosing a lifestyle. South Korea’s online shopping boom reflects modern life, and growing demand for a diverse range of high-quality products.

Accordingly, ssfshop.com features various categories, including living, kitchen, bathroom, stationary, beauty and pet sections.

Ssfshop.com has a selection of K-shopping’s rising star lifestyle products, as the website features diverse categories including food, beauty and pet products.

Meeting K-shoppers’ needs at home and abroad

Somehow, ssfshop.com remains uncluttered despite the diversity it has to offer. It is a well-designed platform with easy registration and user-friendly customer service features.

1) International size comparison chart

It can be daunting to shop online via a foreign website or mobile app, so ssfshop.com provides reassurance with international size comparisons and accurate product images from numerous angles.

International size charts can be helpful along with accurate images of what a product looks like.

2) Live customer service through SSF Talk

Also, ssfshop.com operates “SSF Talk” – a service which allows anyone to start a live chat with a company representative. There is also a review function that encourages shoppers to have their say and compare notes.

Starting a live chat is easy and reassuring with SSF Talk.

3) The outfit guide for fashionistas, “Get the Style”

Another feature worth mentioning at ssfshop.com is called “Get the Style.” It recommends whole outfits with a price guide to inspire those who are after a certain trend. Vol. 87 offers suggestions for a casual autumn look, with loose and semi-baggy apparel on show. Previous editions were filled with tips geared for the summer and vacation season, and shoppers can flick through the back catalog for more ideas.

Ssfshop.com’s “Get the Style” feature helps shoppers stay on trend by suggesting a series of whole outfits.

4) Home fitting service for VIP customers

A high standard of service can additionally be found in ssfshop.com’s domestic only home fitting service for VIP customers. This customized domestic delivery service is a totally new approach to buying apparel, and is especially helpful for those who find it difficult or uncomfortable to choose sizes and colors online. It works by sending customers two extra versions of the product they buy, so they can receive up to three different colors and sizes and keep the one they like best.

These personal touches maintain the kind of warmth that people have valued in brick and mortar stores for centuries, but clearly shoppers are loving the convenience offered by browsing and filling their basket behind a screen. In a country with the highest proportion of smartphone users worldwide, K-shopping’s brand of online retail will be a fascinating example to watch.

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