Make Christmas shopping easy with these ideas

It’s that unmistakable time once again, when the year nears its end and people flutter about buying gifts. Just thinking about what to choose for that special someone can be stressful, but we’re here to offer some on-trend ideas for the whole family. You might like some of them so much that you want to reward yourself, and why not? From fashion, to tech, to general lifestyle items, we’ve got you covered.

Stay warm and trendy with eco-fur and these classics

1) Dreaming of a green Christmas

‘Greensumers’ will be on the lookout for environmentally friendly items this year, but eco-fur outerwear can still look luxurious without harming animals – or spending a fortune! You might be tempted by a short coat in the earthy ivory or brick of kuho plus, or OIAUER’s cool blue jacket, while 8seconds presents longer coats if you prefer. For an elegant accessory, there are also eco-fur bags to consider.

2) Consider an all-time classic

Classic knitwear shouldn’t be left in the cold this Christmas, either. Cashmere and wool can be wonderfully warm and stylish, as KUHO and Rogatis have some sophisticated selections to ponder. Beanpole Accessory has a wide range of mufflers and gloves, which you may consider to be safe gift choices. They also give a festive flourish to any winter outfit – just look at those argyle knitted offerings! Cashmere and leather are sleek alternatives if patterns don’t suit you or the person you have in mind.

1. KUHO / 19FW Mohair Block Cashmere Blended Knit Pullover
2. Beanpole Accessory / 19FW argyle knitted muffler
3. Beanpole Accessory / 19FW solid cashmere muffler
4. Beanpole Accessory / 19FW basic leather gloves
5. Beanpole Accessory / 19FW color block woven muffler

The beauty of tech

If there’s one thing almost all of us have these days, it’s a smartphone – but a mobile accessory gift doesn’t have to be ordinary. Fashion brands are embracing practical tech and offering their own take with creative designs. 10 Corso Como’s playful characters give a whole new dimension to everything from smartphone covers to Bluetooth speakers. LEBEIGE’s phonecase is a colorful choice with the look of a purse, while Maison Kitsune’s foxy look has popular appeal. Laptops can also be stored away in something beautiful – just ask Granit!

Lifestyle products for a cozy, festive home

1) Reasons to take pride in the home

Perhaps you know someone who likes to nest in style? Granit’s Scandinavian grace will make anyone receiving one of these gifts look forward to spending some time at home, snuggling into a soft beanbag cushion or hibernating under a woolen blanket this winter.

1. Granit / 19NS Rug
2. Granit / 19NS Soft beanbag cushion
3. Granit / 19NS square cushion

2) Raise your house party game

Unique design items can bring some shimmer to your own year-end party at home. You may have already put your decorations up, but there’s always space for a Granit garland or ornament that celebrates Christmas with class. Diffusers and rustic Nordic candles will further fill your guests’ senses, while serving a feast on LEBEIGE dinnerware sounds simply delightful.

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