Beanpole moves into sustainable fashion

Sustainability is living up to its billing as a key word for 2020, as brands across the fashion industry are finding innovative ways to use eco-friendly materials.

Designer Sebastian de Neubourg’s w.r.yuma label, for example, has been able to 3D print sunglasses out of plastic waste. Fellow designer Stella McCartney is also a fan of recycling plastic in addition to using natural textiles from organic cotton and traceable wool, while Vin + Omi has even shown that crops like chestnuts and chili can be spun into clothing.

(left) 3D printed sunglasses made from plastic waste are pictured at Belgian start-up w.r.yuma in Antwerp, Belgium, August 30, 2017. / Source: REUTERS/Francois Lenoir (right) A look from Vin + Omi / Source: courtesy photo

Beanpole releases ‘B-Cycle’ product line using eco-friendly, recyclable materials

Beanpole, Korea’s top traditional casual clothing brand, demonstrated Samsung C&T Fashion Group’s commitment to this sustainable and eco-friendly turn in the launch of its recent “B-Cycle” product line that incorporates some innovative and challenging new materials.

The B-Cycle name is a neologistic concatenation of Beanpole and recycle and its arrival on scene marks year zero of Samsung C&T’s fashion division launching environmentally friendly products in its men’s, women’s, and kid’s clothing lines. Last year was the 30th anniversary of Beanpole’s launch as a brand, and this year the brand is undergoing a complete image makeover in line with its rebirth as a sustainable brand.

Beanpole’s first step is to release products made with eco-friendly materials. These materials will be used in a variety of products by continuously expanding the use of its self-developed filler as a replacement for down.

Jumpers and vests using proprietary filler made of recycled PET bottles/fishing nets

Beanpole Men uses PFC-free fabric, which uses eco-friendly water-repellent sprays for its outer surface, and its lining is made from “Primaloft,” an alternative filler that can be used in products like padded coats. All products are made of 100% recyclable material.

Also, through the research and development of Samsung C&T Fashion group’s material development team, Beanpole Men has developed filler materials that re-use waste PET bottles and introduced products like reversible quilting jumpers and vests made with these materials. This newly developed filling not only combines the functionality of Primaloft but also costs less than half the price.

Beanpole’s padded B-Cycle outerwear is eco-friendly without sacrificing warmth or protection from the rain.

Moreover, a new standards body that certifies products as meeting its Responsible Down Standard (RDS) launched this year. Beanpole’s newly launched tracker jumper is the first product produced by traditional industry that is RDS Certified, but expect more in the fall/winter season.

Beanpole Men is also showing its commitment to being a sustainable brand by releasing fleece t-shirts that use recycled polyester or polyurethane and sneakers made of recycled leather.

Also going green is Beanpole Ladies, launching new trench coats, jackets, padded coats and more that incorporate recycled nylon made of used fishing nets. After being cleaned and spun into thread, the used fishing nets are reborn as the outer shells of garments and the recycled polyester or polyurethane developed by the Samsung C&T Fashion Group becomes the filling.

For younger environmentally conscious fashionistas, Beanpole Kids has short shirt jackets for boys and A-line raglan sleeve jackets for girls. Both use the same padded filling developed by Samsung C&T.

Head of Samsung Fashion’s Beanpole division Park Nam-young explains, “Starting with brand renewal for our 30th anniversary and from the angle of being born again as a global brand, we are putting our philosophy of sustainability into practice,” and “We won’t just stop at releasing some products made of eco-friendly materials. As a first-rate brand we’re going to set up a global system of production, processing, distribution and packaging.”

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