In 2020, say ‘hello my twenties!’ whether past or present

Turning 20 is especially significant this year, as the century turns 20 as well. If you’re turning 20 this year that means you were born in the 2000s and the boring old number 19 is not going to be part of your life any longer. Everland recognizes the significance of this new generation growing up in this new century and is throwing a huge party to help you celebrate. For the next six weeks, come to Everland to say “Hello my Twenties” in style with photo booths, extra rides, and a special music and dance performance. And if you’re older than the big two oh, you can still reminisce about the good old days.

Photo zones abound

The park has put together the Excitement Photo Studio in Alpine Restaurant, a landmark inside Everland. The photo studio is already open for business and all eight of the photo zones have the similar theme of how excited people are to turn 20. For instance, there is one photo zone set up as a giant gift box, so you and your friends can pretend to jump out as brand new presents for the world. Also, another zone is arranged to look like you and your love are set pieces in a giant snow globe, surrounded by reindeer and other wintry wonderland accouterments.

These photo zones make you look like a new present or part of a snow globe.

Some of these photo zones were designed by student winners in a design contest at Seoul National University, and those students also helped make the photo zones too. So you’re sure to benefit from certified, award-winning 20-year-old authentic creativity.

The eight different photo zones share the common thread of excitement about turning 20.

When you post the photos that you can take in the Excitement Photo Studio to social media, you can win free coins that you can use in the Lucky Crane games outside the studio. If you’re lucky, and turning 20 in 2020 definitely makes you lucky, you can win coupons for a free churro, smoked sausage, or even candy.

A lucky guy wins a coupon for candy at the Lucky Crane game outside the Excitement Photo Studio.

Thrills coming at you 1+1

Everland’s five best-known thrill rides – Hurricane, Rolling X-train, Double Rockspin, Let’s Twist, and T-Express – are always busy with long lines. (Yes, you read that right. T-Express is back in operation as of Feb. 7!) But during the six weeks of the festival you’ll be able to ride these most popular rides twice in a row during the 1+1 event. Also for timed experiences like Bumper Cars and Lily Dance, you can stay half again as long. The event will happen only at certain times in the park during weekdays, so be sure to check the Everland website for a detailed schedule.

Two of Everland’s most famous roller coasters are the Rolling X-Train (left) and T-Express (right). T-Express reopened Feb. 7.

Alley Photo Studio performance

Twice a day at Alpine Village Square in front of T-Express you will be able to catch a special performance called Alley Photo Studio, free of charge to anyone who wants to see it. In the 20-minute-long story, a group of 20-somethings face challenges that may be familiar: struggling to find a job, or being forced apart by military service. But the courageous characters find hope and courage by visiting the mystical Alley Photo Studio, a place that takes pictures that reveal the inner self. With entertaining song and dance, this performance shows how these young people overcome the challenges that they face. It is not to be missed.

So now, of course, you want to go. But don’t just rush off right away. Its best to pick up a sweet package deal before you go. The Hello My Twenties package deal includes Everland tickets, priority ride tickets, and even a bag of coins to play the Lucky Crane games, and can be found on all of the popular online shopping sites – WemakepriceYanoljaT-mon and Gmarket.

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