How to increase your chance of having a happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, that day of romance and confessions of love, is almost upon us. It’s time to think about how you want to show your loved one how you feel about them. Here are some new Valentine’s Day gift ideas, both of the edible and inedible variety, with original twists on eternal concepts.

Check out these wonderfully tasty Valentine’s Day gift ideas sure to impress the most discerning of sweet-tooths and tasteful fashion suggestions to show the world that you are a couple.

Sweet treats

Concept Store 10 Corso Como Seoul has launched a limited edition series of chocolates decorated with literally love-ly graphics to celebrate the Year of the Rat. 10 Corso Como Seoul’s “Valentine Chocolate 2020 Edition” comes in a gorgeous box wrapped with a ribbon and decorated inside and out in pink, white and red, the chocolates spelling out the word “LOVE” in an adorable font to maximize the romantic vibe. The 16 chocolates themselves are a combination of dark and white with a little cognac added (0.8%) for extra flavor.

Beaker has collaborated with famed French chocolatier Au Chat Bleu to launch a series of chocolate boxes of different sizes. Au Chat Bleu, started by 2 sisters in the French village of Le Touquet in 1912 and named for their blue toned Persian cat, makes artisanal dark and milk chocolates combined with nougat to give a unique mouthfeel. Beaker now presents delightfully wrapped “Mini Chat Bleu” packages of 2, 4, 6 or 15 pieces.

Beaker director Song Tae-geun says, “This year for Valentine’s season we decided to prepare some unique and special gifts that aren’t easy to find elsewhere, rather than the stale old chocolate brands we see year after year. We hope that these Au Chat Bleu chocolates that capture the romance of France and can be a gift that will open the heart of your beloved.”

If you prefer caramel to chocolate, get a bundle of 3 packs of Granit caramel chews, in three tasty and addictive flavors: salt (made with Himalayan pink salt), roasted almond, and black tea. The Swedish design lifestyle brand Granit has created these sweets to enjoy together but they can also be a treat for yourself.

Sweet accessories

Perhaps you want something a little longer lasting, a more permanent sign of the love that you and your significant other share. Here are some cool footwear and accessory ideas that are unisex so you can buy a pair and both sport them as you move about the world together.

1. Beanpole Sport / 20SS Unisex Ivory LIGHT B Ugly Shoes

Wearing these Beanpole Sport LIGHT B Ugly Shoes (ugly by name, but not by nature) you will certainly be a pair of sole mates! Available in three color schemes, these shoes will help you both walk tall.

2. Beanpole Sport / 20SS Heart Logo Court Shoes (Unisex)

Some people wear their heart on their sleeve, while others prefer to wear it on their shoe. For such folks Beanpole Sport has released these unisex BPS X Stereo Vinyls heart logo court shoes.

3. Mashion Kitsune / 20SS Unisex Fox Head Socks

If both of you wear a pair of Maison Kitsuné fox head socks inside when you step out into the world together, that will be just the cunning trick to keep you playful, friendly and curious – just like foxes. In light or dark gray, black or navy, these foxy unisex socks can match with any color pants or shoes.

4. 10 Corso Como Seoul / 20AS Smile 3 Eco Bag

Are you planning to go shopping together? A black and white smiley eco bag from 10 Corso Como Seoul is the perfect thing to carry home your swag at the end of the day. Get two of them and divide the weight evenly between you!

5. Maison Kitsune / 19FW iPhone Case 3D Ancora Tu

Time to change your iPhone case? This Ancora Tu sky blue case from Maison Kitsuné may be the thing for you. Distinctive and cute, you can both get one and then photograph each other with it.

Whether you want to express your love through tantalizing treats, or would rather do it through a shared fashion sense, there are gift ideas to suit your taste. Visit www.ssfshop.com to check out these and other gift ideas.

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