Happy 8th birthday, 8seconds!

It’s not often that an 8th birthday is a big event, but in the case of Samsung C&T Fashion Group’s fast fashion brand 8seconds, an exception can be made. With a name that calls to mind the brand’s ambition to “seize the hearts of shoppers in just 8 seconds,” the 8th birthday seems an entirely appropriate occasion for celebration.

In February 2012, 8seconds was launched with a store opening in Garosu-gil Street in Seoul’s fashionable Sinsa-dong neighborhood. Since then it has become famous for bringing out new fashions at a breakneck speed to catch the interest of millennial and Generation Z clothing consumers. Unsurprisingly, then, 8seconds’ motto is “We launch styles every week.”

The 8seconds flagship store at Garosu-gil Street

Thank-you events: exclusive discounts and special giveaways

For its 8th birthday, 8seconds is holding a thank-you event to show gratitude to its customers for their continued patronage. This event is not only taking place at all 51 stores throughout Korea, but also at SSF Shop, Samsung C&T Fashion Group’s online shopping mall. Customers who become new members of the 8seconds channel through popular mobile chatting app Kakao Talk, as well as those who link their existing memberships to Kakao Talk will receive special discounts and freebies until June 10th. Just search for “8seconds” in Kakao Talk and click “membership” when the channel pops up (Korean language only), or scan a QR code at the stores.

While those who purchase KRW 50,000 or more at all offline stores will get a discount of KRW 10,000, those buying 8seconds items for the first time will receive a 20% discount at the online shop. Mobile phone grippers featuring the brand’s logo will also be given away free to customers who spend KRW 80,000 or more online or offline during the thank-you event period on a first-come first-served basis.

At the same time, as another thank-you event, 8seconds is offering some popular items during this season, like men’s and women’s linen shirts, lettering t-shirts, denim trucker jackets, denim pants, and slacks, at a 30% discount until June 25th.

Spring/Summer 2020 fashions: cool collaborations with hot new artists

Up-and-coming graphic designers SOON.EASY and Lee Yo-han of global art agency AXOO have collaborated with 8seconds to bring their own unique graphic interpretations of the theme “a hot summer.” SOON.EASY is known for unpacking the negative aspects of life with her own particular sense of humor and wit, and Lee Yo-han made a name for himself by drawing happy scenes of daily life with pet animals using a unique sense of color.

The result is 24 very trendy must-haves for this year’s summer season, including t-shirts, short-sleeve shirts, short pants, PVC bags and mats in colors like orange, blue and yellow.

Fun and trendy collaborations with graphic designers SOON.EASY (left) and Lee Yo-han (right) add some color and flair to 8seconds’ summer 2020 collection.

Some of these summer collection items can be seen in the video below on the 8seconds YouTube channel. Also, subscribe to the channel to stay up to date with future launches and fashion tips!

8seconds thanked customers for their affection for the brand, and said that it will continue to offer trendy and new looks that will appeal to millennial and Generation Z customers well beyond this birthday event. Saliently, 8seconds’ Spring/Summer 2020 season super sale starts on June 11, both at the online SSF Shop and at all offline shops in Korea. Here’s to 8seconds!

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