How to stay cool in the coming summer heat

In a recent article on how to pick clothes that will help one stay cool in the summer heat, Popular Science magazine reminded us that the best thing to wear is “loose-fitting clothing made of fabric that air can easily pass through” and that linen is one of those materials that are good to wear.

Linen is a natural textile made from the fibers of the flax plant. It has always been a popular material for hot weather and tropical climates because of its excellent breathability. Instead of sticking to sweaty skin upon contact, linen rather absorbs perspiration and then dries quickly so that clothes don’t remain wet. It is also durable, so linen garments can be worn for many seasons.

Linen for dressing up or dressing down

The uniquely natural look and feel of linen makes it applicable for both casual and formal wear. For example, a well-selected linen shirt can be used for all manner of occasions depending on the outfit it is styled with.

Worn with denim, a pair of chinos or banded pants or other activewear bottoms, linen creates a comfortable and natural casual style. Pairing it with a neat pair of slacks or other more formal trousers adds a touch of class and also a cooler feel.

Beanpole’s linen shirts give off a different mood depending on the items they are matched with.

This is not your granddad’s linen

Linen’s tendency to wrinkle naturally has often been considered one of its charms, but those who prefer a flatter, smoother look should consider wearing a linen blend fabric. A cotton-linen blend is a particularly good option, as it combines the smoothness of cotton with the breathability of linen.

Recent developments in dyeing technology now also mean that the color palette has become much more diverse. These days, linen is not just available in muted earthy tones and natural shades, but in primary colors and pastels. Checks, dots and other various patterns and details also add a little spice to linen.

8seconds’ linen garments come in a variety of colors, patterns and designs.

One piece to fit all moods

It can be a real chore in hot weather to go through the daily rigmarole of choosing which top to match with which bottom. On such days, a woman might find it more convenient to opt for a cool dress to show off her style.

This mainly means a dress with a long skirt and a generous fit. A strong choice in this time of prolonged pandemic and social distancing is a floral pattern to lift the mind and the spirit. But a single block color dress also looks nice. In fact, there are options to suit every taste and mood.

Beaker’s dresses are inspired by a lovely cottage floral mood and KUHO uses botanical prints, while Beanpole gives off a simple and neat vibe.

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