The sights and sounds of France in Everland’s Rose Garden

Did you know that there are hundreds of species of rose and tens of thousands of cultivars? The old poem has it that roses are red, and violets are blue, but nowadays growers are able to breed roses in almost every color and hue.

Each year in May, South Korea’s premiere theme park Everland, run by Samsung C&T Resort Group, becomes something akin to an outdoor rose museum. This year about 3 million roses of 720 different varieties fill the Parisian-themed Rose Garden.

A taste of Paris in Korea

The Rose Garden now resembles a Parisian arrondissement more than an Asian theme park. In collaboration with the France Tourism Development Agency, Everland has transformed the 20,000 square-meter Rose Garden into Saint-Germain-des-Pres, a hip and happening Parisian neighborhood that is famous for its historic cafes, bookstores and churches.

Building facades modeled after trendy Saint-Germain-des-Pres venues have been put up in the center of the Rose Garden, together with outdoor tables and chairs, while French chansons play over the speakers to give off a relaxing Gallic terrace vibe.

A sculpture designed after the fashion of the main gate of the Palace of Versailles has also been constructed, and the European air has been heightened by decorating the rose garden with objects such as reproduction palace chairs, wagons festooned with roses and rose wall frames.

A myriad varieties of rose to enjoy

In full bloom are three million roses of 720 varieties from around the world, including the Port Sunlight, New Dawn, and Nahema varieties from England, the United States and France, respectively. To top it off, there are 24 types of roses that have been developed at Everland.

Fragrance tunnels and zones throughout the rose garden spray the scents of Ever Roses, those varieties developed at the theme park, heightening the sensation of these millions of blooms. For instance, the Tête de Belle rose gives off a cool and sweet fragrance, while the Lemon Bubble is as refreshing as its name suggests.

For more information, please visit the Everland website.

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