Send your love with Beanpole when you can’t give in person

Throughout the year, there are all kinds of occasions when we want to send gifts to each other to share our love and appreciation. From birthdays and weddings to traditional festivals and religious holidays, gift-giving forms an integral part of building community and family togetherness. But we cannot always be physically present with our loved ones when we want to. That is why sending a gift to those whom we appreciate can be one way to express our feelings when we cannot get together, whether at a special festival or just any time.

These autumn and winter seasons, knitwear is popular once more, for its comfort and its good looks. As Vogue magazine recently remarked in its survey of fall knitwear trends, it is a way of dressing that is both easy on the eyes and the wearer’s body.

Beanpole, Samsung C&T Fashion Group’s traditional casual brand, has a number of essential knitwear items for this time of year.

For starters, there are loose-fitting cable sweaters in a range of colors, wool & cashmere-blend cardigans in basic designs, knit items featuring a modern reinterpretation of the world-famous Argyle patterns, and knit vests that look even better when layered with shirts and T-shirts.


Left: Beanpole Men Crewneck Cable Knit
Center: Beanpole Ladies Wool Cashmere Cable Cardigan
Right: Beanpole Kids Classic Cable Knit Vest

But it is not just clothing; there also is a full, curated range of accessories for fall, from a cellphone mini bag that is ideal for storing smartphones and other small essentials, through a honey jar-shaped bucket bag for carrying larger items, to an adorable purse in many different colors.

Golf accessories – golf caps, bucket hats, belts with the familiar Beanpole bicycle logo on the buckle, and embroidered bags – are also perfect for both everyday life and on the green.

Left: Beanpole Accessory Honey Bucket Bag
Right: Beanpole Golf Basic Deep Fit Core Cap

Ban Dong-soo, Brand Manager of Beanpole Men, recommends, “This fall, send your warm heart in the form of a comfortable and cozy knitwear gift,” adding, “For this year in particular, we have put together gift ideas where you can show your love and appreciation even when you cannot meet in person.”

These latest gift ideas from Beanpole can be found online at SSF Shop, Samsung C&T Fashion Group’s online shopping mall.


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