A Very Peri Happy New Year with Mellow Custard for 2022

A new year brings with it new hopes and dreams and also its own mood and vibration. This is one reason why the US-based Pantone Color Institute annually chooses a new color to designate Color of the Year.

For 2022, Pantone created its own shade of purple, naming it Very Peri. It is a blend of a shade of blue with red-violet that creates a joyous and dynamic new color. Pantone describes it as “displaying a carefree confidence and a daring curiosity that animates our creative spirit.”

Dynamism and novelty of purple

The color purple has long been linked to spiritual things. It also is a dynamic mixture of blue, with its essence of constancy on the one hand, and the energy of red on the other.

This is why gradations of purple to blue are the color scheme of the logo of Samsung C&T Fashion Group’s online SSF Shop website, expressing the possibilities of a new world to come. Similarly, Pantone explains Very Peri is “a symbol of the global zeitgeist of the transition we are going through, as our notions and standards are changing, and our physical and digital lives have merged in new ways.”

Like much of society, the fashion industry is paying increasing attention to the digital “metaverse.” While traditionally seen as something tangible, fashion is now also being recognized for its value in the realm of non-fungible tokens (NFT). Symbolizing the novelty of this new digital world, Very Peri is expected to remain an important fashion color.

But how to wear Very Peri? Some may find it daunting to wear a shade of purple, but matched with a wine color or brown it can balance novelty with stability. Moreover, purple also looks good on shiny fabrics, so a purple tie can add a fancy touch to a business suit.

Warmth and softness of yellow

For its part, the Samsung Fashion Institute has suggested a Color of the Year of its own choosing. It is a type of yellow called Mellow Custard.

Mellow Custard offers emotional stability as well as a uniquely gentle warmth. From the soft and cozy feel of butter-rich dough to that slight sweetness and chewy mouthfeel of a freshly cooked egg yolk, the shade gives a multi-sensory happiness.

Yellow is a bright and friendly gender-neutral color that can easily be incorporated into various styles. It is also good for expressing the new work-leisure lifestyle.

Very Mellow with Peri Custard?

Purple and yellow are complementary colors and grab the viewer’s attention when used together. While separately they may convey messages that are seemingly contradictory, together they send a positive message about our future.

A print pattern that uses purple and yellow is one natural way to wear both colors. They can also be used in loungewear or sportswear to add a touch of zest or can pair nicely with a soft and hairy textured boucle knit sweater. Choosing a top and bottom from the same color range or combining one color with ivory creates a light and new feel.

Lim Ji-yeon, director of the Samsung Fashion Institute, comments, “We hope that the energies of these two colors will last throughout 2022, and that a purple future that transcends the limits of reality can welcome us in 2022 with a warmer and cozier tomorrow than 2021.”

You can find more ideas at SSF Shop, Samsung C&T Fashion Group’s website.

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