[VIDEO] Watch the power of appreciation: Gifts of gratitude among global traders

In all walks of life, appreciation is one of the most highly treasured gestures from one person to another. In the world of business, it can become both an important motivator and create a sense of belonging within a team.

The power of appreciation has been particularly valuable among thousands of Samsung C&T Trading & Investment Group team members working in 45 nations as they have been able to negotiate another challenging year during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Let’s check in with some of those global traders to find out about their year-end gifts and how valuing each other’s efforts has helped them drive forward.

Also Check out the video with English subtitles below and feel the power of gratitude for yourself!

Helping hands for a traveling trader

Two years ago, Rafael Min of Samsung C&T Steel Division’s Hot Rolled Steel Group spent 20 months with the company’s Otelinox Sales Team near Frankfurt, Germany. His stay began at the same time as the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic and he had difficulties adapting to life in a foreign country.

Yet the Otelinox Sales Team made him feel like one of their own – not just helping him to develop new products with data analysis support but also building a special camaraderie.

After returning to Korea last summer, Rafael wanted to get his colleagues something that would be really meaningful, so he chose to send them Bluetooth keyboards with both Korean and English letters. They live abroad, so they use Korean and English, but in Germany it is difficult to find a keyboard that allows you to type in both languages.

Rafael’s colleagues showed that their gratitude was very much mutual!

A growing team for a growing market

It is also important for global traders to be able to respond efficiently and effectively to growing markets. This has been the case for the fertilizer market and Samsung C&T’s Kiev Office.

The company’s Fertilizer Group achieved its best ever year in 2021, in part thanks to close cooperation between the Kiev Office and colleagues in Seoul, including Stan Park, who was born and raised in Ukraine before moving to Korea.

Stan arranged pens for those who helped him in Kiev, as well as flowers – a fitting symbol for their blossoming fertilizer business.

A shining angel in solar power

It seems appropriate that sunlight should be associated with our next example of appreciation, a Samsung C&T staff member described by junior colleagues as an “angel!”

Solar power is an increasingly important business around the world, including for Samsung C&T, as global economies shift to cleaner and more sustainable energy sources. In the future, they will have to go through complex legal procedures to implement various Samsung C&T projects – which is why a group of junior team members gathered together to show their gratitude to Attorney Peter Hong of the company’s North America RHQ.

The junior team members got Peter some red ginseng, which is famous in Korea and around the world for providing stamina!

So, it seems modesty is another response to appreciation, along with motivation and team spirit – a great set of characteristics to take into 2022!

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