Sand Sound sends out a new fashion vibe for 20-something adventure seekers

Imagine you are in a car with your friends, setting off on a road trip. Each of you is in their 20s, driving southwards down California State Route 1 from San Francisco to Big Sur. It is cool autumn weather, and you are all wearing loose and comfortable unisex clothing.

That is the look and feel of new street casual wear brand Sand Sound, freshly launched this month by Samsung C&T Fashion Group. Based around the timeless concept of the long-distance American road trip, Sand Sound is for free-spirited members of Generation Z who want to go out and enjoy life.

Breaking free

In recent years Samsung C&T Fashion Group has kicked off brands for millennial women such as kuho plus and kotelo, and this time it has brought out a new label of street casual clothes for young adults of any gender. Sand Sound targets the 18 to 29 year-old cohort: Generation Z.

The last couple of years have not been kind to the young and the restless, with most kinds of fun and travel out of reach to people coming of age.  Now those in their 20s are making up for lost time, getting out of the house and throwing themselves into adventure in a way they were unable to for many months. Sand Sound is a brand of clothes that fits the mood and vibe.

What brings together the comfort and cheer of a street casual style with the romance of driving on the road with friends while enjoying your favorite music on the car stereo? The motif of the American road trip does.

Driving away

The theme of a highway journey from the carefree city of San Francisco in northern California to the mountains of Big Sur in the center of that state inspired the first San d Sound capsule collection release. The southward journey by road is over 200 kilometers long and can take three to four hours, depending on the pace.

Travel and music infused the design process for the items in the collection, which is marked by its comfortable fit and practical detailing. Unisex garments like sweatshirts, rugby stripe sweaters, training pants, denim pants, sweaters, and jackets exhibit a variety of textures from fleecy to shearling, denim to vegan leather. San Francisco and Big Sur lettering prints and embroidery add a touch of memorabilia and logos and graphic prints give an air of fun.

Online and on the road

Sand Sound’s main retail outlet will be online, at SSF Shop, where a special page has been created to showcase the capsule collection, but the culture blending union BEAKER flagship stores in Hannam and Cheongdam provide an opportunity to try the look and feel of the brand in person.

The official Sand Sound Instagram account shares video memories, photos, and stories from travel destinations to enable fans to experience vicariously the thrill of the freewheeling journeys that inspired this brand.

Samsung C&T Fashion’s head of new business development says, “Our new street casual brand Sand Sound reflects the lifestyle of Generation Z, a generation that wants to get up and go somewhere to taste adventure and freedom,” adding “We plan on becoming a brand that people in their 20s want to enjoy and wear together.”

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