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What shall I buy for my friends, family, and colleagues for an end-of-year gift? This is the perennial problem that pops up each December. An envelope stuffed with cash or a store voucher hints at a lack of originality or thought, pushing us to think and look a little harder.

During winter one of the first things that come to mind when shopping for a present is naturally things that protect us from the cold. Samsung C&T Fashion Group has gift ideas that are sure to make a loved one light up with a warm glow.

This winter, think ahead

It is not a pleasant feeling to be out in the cold weather without a hat, scarf, or ear coverings.

Fleecy hats with flaps and knitted woolen beanies make good winter holiday gifts because they cover the top and sides of the head as well as the ears, keeping them warm. Cold ears, particularly the top edges, quickly cause discomfort. Stand-alone ear warmers can be worn with a hooded jacket or sweater, doing away with the need for a hat.

A scarf is about much more than safeguarding your throat from icy winds and sub-zero temperatures. Scarves these days are a fashion statement, showing taste and preference in color, type of knit and textile.

To warm the whole head, face and neck at once, look no further than a balaclava, or ski mask. Modern-day varieties come in different colors and allow more of the face to be seen, making them more attractive than the traditional type.

To the extremities

Cold winter season, people look for more economical and efficient ways to stay warm. The importance of warm feet cannot be overstated because feet help us stabilize our body temperature. Well-heated feet mean better blood circulation, leading to a warmer body and overall better health. Our toes and fingers are at the extreme ends of our body, so they feel the effects of the cold more quickly and need some extra attention.

Socks are always a popular Christmas gift, but that does not mean they need to be a boring one. Socks in various colors and patterns are a fun twist on a traditional present. Fleecy slippers or mini boots are good to wear around the house. A pair of boots that are both waterproof and have a good grip on the soles are very practical for moving around outdoors on frozen or melted snow.

Cold hands are no good either – when our hands are cold, the fun of being outdoors on a snowy winter’s day can quickly evaporate. Nowadays in the age of smartphones, many gloves have fingertips that enable touchscreen functionality. But not all gloves do, so check before buying.


Bag it up

Not every gift needs to be something that keeps a loved one warm. Bags are not just for women: men also need to carry things and walking around with bulging pockets does not look very cool. A nice-looking bag is therefore a practical and aesthetically pleasing present for almost anyone.

Holiday decorations and lifestyle items also make for cute and fun gifts. Whether they add some end-of-year visual cheer to a table setting or serve a more functional purpose, a well-chosen present will remind the recipient that you think about and care for them.

These and other fun end-of-year gift ideas can be found at the online SSF Shop run by Samsung C&T Fashion Group.

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