Catching the mood: Spring to summer fashions

As we move further away from winter and summer is almost within sight, the weather is in that space where it is usually too hot for cold-weather clothing but not yet warm enough for hot-weather gear. We all need outfits that we can wear for the cool-to-warm days of spring and early summer.

In these months there are diverse moods and occasions that we have longed for since the onset of winter. Many of them are outdoor activities we have missed during our hibernation period. So don’t break out your linens and seersuckers yet. Look instead for items that will keep you comfortable and looking good while catching the mood on a cool spring day, through a light shower, amid an occasional breeze, and in a burst of afternoon sunshine.

Taking a stroll

The first thing we want to do on a beautiful spring day is get out of the house and take a relaxing stroll. Whether it is through a park, along a stream, or just window shopping in the city, what is important is feeling the breeze and the air temperature on our skin as we enjoy being outdoors again. A cotton T-shirt is always a faithful companion, and a cotton sweater or corduroy (also made from cotton) jacket casually slung over your shoulders or carried on your arm can easily warm you up if the cool air becomes a little chilly.
Denim is always your friend in spring, and so versatile. We all know about denim jeans, pants, and shorts, but what about a denim skirt? Denim is also being used more creatively, as seen at the recent Copenhagen Fashion Week: what about denim pants with a denim skirt covering? Polyester is also a good spring fabric, feeling warm without being oppressive, and also durable and easy to wash and care for, while polyester pants can be quickly slipped on and buttoned up when the mood to go for a walk strikes you.

Fancy a hike?

As the weather continues to get warmer, or for those who need more strenuous outdoor activity, a hike through the woods and up a hill could be just the ticket. This is where nylon or a nylon blend is the ideal fabric because of its elastic recovery, meaning it does not lose its original shape even after some stretching. What’s more, nylon is resistant to sunlight, so colors don’t fade easily and the material lasts a long time.

Shorts, elegant but relaxed cargo pants(as seen on last year’s spring/summer 2023 catwalks), T-shirts, and a sleeveless top will keep you cool and comfortable as you trudge along a mountain path or make your way through a thicket.

A time for play and a time to work

Of course, in springtime there is work to be done, too. If you toil in an office, you want something that looks smart, and that will also turn heads as you commute to and from work. Above all, it must be comfortable. A blouson and skirt with a tasteful check pattern is a timeless combination that always looks current.

If you are in business meetings, a dress made of cotton or a polyester-blend one will keep you looking classy and also help you keep your cool during difficult negotiations. Meanwhile, the classic blouse and skirt combination is practical and attractive in almost every work situation. Because spring weather can be fickle, it’s clever to pack a hoodie or poncho in your bag, in case of wind or rain. 

For men, spring also offers many workwear options. Naturally, cotton button-up shirts are must-haves in your wardrobe. So is a jacket, but sometimes a fully lined jacket with canvas structuring and shoulder pads can feel like a bit much. One alternative is a light jacket that can be worn for formal or informal occasions. Another is a loose fit-style blazer that dispenses with lining and structure, giving it a laid-back look and feel that is a world away from your father’s blazers.

Below the waistline there is now much more variety, too. Belted slacks have not gone away but have been supplemented by drawstring pants made from silk flannel and even sky-blue flared denim pants, both of which can look smart enough for the office.

We love the cool-to-warm days of spring because they allow us all to shed our layers of thick winter clothes and show some style and flair as we enjoy the sun’s rays and the feeling of nature’s rebirth. So as you step out of the house, do so in style!
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