Sportswear: Perfect for working out and everyday occasions

Spring is here and that means an increased interest in outdoor sports and activities. Workouts that had to be in an indoor gym during the winter can now be done outside. Thanks to that, and to the social media trend of taking selfies before, during, or after exercising or playing sports, there is a renewed interest in sportswear that both looks good and feels comfortable. According to one study, the global sports apparel market is set to grow by 6.6 percent each year between now and 2028.

Another outdoor fashion aesthetic that is trending big on social media these days is gorpcore. When people wear hiking or mountain climbing clothes in the city as a fashion statement, that is gorpcore.

Sand Sound

This season Samsung C&T Fashion Group has brought together a fun and innovative collaboration between its own brand 8Seconds and an outdoor brand Arc’teryx, in a “Hip does Gorpcore” crossover look that could be worn equally well striding the pavement or walking a mountain path.

In terms of comfort, fabric makes all the difference. The right textile will absorb sweat while also allowing air to flow through to keep the body at within a constant range of temperatures. Polyester blended with polyurethane is one type of material often seen in sports tops, for its moisture wicking, smooth texture, and breathability, as well as for its durability and ease of care. Another good fabric for sportswear is a cotton, nylon, and polyurethane blend.

Good sportswear that you want to wear for a whole season must be snug but not tight and must allow enough body movement to give a feeling of freedom while exercising. After fabric, design is what is most important. People now look for things that can be hip and stylish while exercising as well as living daily life.

Samsung C&T Fashion Group creates clothes that meet these conditions. For example, in choosing golf wear, people can choose between the wide range of caps, tops, pants, and accessories from local in-house label Beanpole Golf or Maison Kitsuné’s new capsule collection of men’s and women’s golf clothing adorned with the brand’s characteristic fox logo in a variety of incarnations.

Maison Kitsuné
Beanpole Golf

When it comes to tennis court fashions, there is Samsung C&T Fashion Group’s own label 8Seconds or international brands. These attractive and comfortable clothes will look and feel good both on and off the court.

These days it seems like all the hot new sportswear collections feature sophisticated and functional designs that cross the line between everyday wear and sportswear. And why not? In the modern world, people want to be able to choose one outfit for the day to stay comfortable and look good both while exercising and afterwards, without the need to change into another set of clothes. Samsung C&T Fashion Group labels have a lot of different clothes that can be worn in all situations, blending together daily life and exercise life.
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