Fairies, food, flowers, and special shows – fantastic fun!

What better way to celebrate the return of spring than to stroll outside eating delicious food and gazing at seasonal flowers while enjoying tasty food and feeling away with the fairies? For all those things and more, Everland has you covered. Korea’s premier theme park, currently festooned with fairies, is heralding the end of winter and the arrival of the warmer months with its annual flower display, coupled with spring performances and delicious treats.

Fairy full of flowers!

This year fairies have come to Everland to bring joy and happiness to humans in their imaginary Fairy Town village. To add to that, there are countless flowers such as tulips, blossoming plum trees, and daffodils in full bloom, filling the eyes with color and noses with the fragrant spring air. In short, it is a fairy good time to visit Everland and soak in all the sights, sounds and smells of the wonder of spring.

Flowers and fairies fill the Four Seasons Garden.

Fairy fantastic food!

Everland has selected some new delicious dishes that will be made available throughout the spring.

The Butterfly Garden Curry Rice, Strawberry Flower Pizza and many other dishes have been newly added to Everland menus.
In total, the theme park will offer 360 new menu items this year, including meals and snacks . At the Garden Terrace Restaurant, diners can feast their eyes on over one million spring flowers of more than 100 kinds, while sampling a new tasty treat inspired by spring or a fairy themed drink, which come attractively served, ideal for making photo memories.

Fairy fancy dress-ups!

New merchandise has been launched, with the beauty of Fairy Town as their inspiration. Visitors can immerse themselves into the fantasy, taking commemorative photos in Fairy Town wearing fairy wings, capes, dresses, and hairbands.
You too can dress up like a fairy and have fantastic photos taken.
Thematic hairbands, always popular at Everland, now have a new spring-themed lineup including tulips, caterpillars, and flowers. Meanwhile, the range of plush animal dolls like pandas, sloths, and quokkas has been expanded. There are also toy building brick models of Safari World and Lost Valley, action figures, and other toys.

Fairy fun concerts!

And if all that is not enough, Everland is celebrating the opening of its Fairy Town every Saturday from April 1 to May 27 with nightly Spring Up! Concerts.
Come for the fairies, and stay for the show: Everland’s performances offer fun for all ages.

These performances, held in the beautiful Four Seasons Garden full of spring flowers and fairies, talented musical artists will give delightful and fun-filled acoustic performances to delight Everland crowds on the evenings of warm spring days.

For more information about Everland’s opening hours and other details, visit the park’s official website.

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