Study these outfits to look good at school

Summer vacation is over, and children and students of all ages are going back to school. A new school semester always brings with it new opportunities and challenges – Who will teach me? Will I enjoy the classes? What will I wear to school?

When we think of back-to-school outfits, “preppy” is one idea that comes to mind. This preppy fashion trend, which originally described students at preparatory boarding schools in the northeast of the United States. These days, it basically means looking classy and comfortable at the same time, and showing that you are taking care of your appearance.

Start with the elementary basics


New fashion trends mean the preppy look is more and more popular with an increasingly younger audience. Even more and more elementary school students are going to school with a new preppy pep in their step. 


The contemporary preppy look is baggier than its slim-fit predecessors, and not so strict about a jacket being a necessary item – a sporty polo shirt with a beige pair of pants or a check skirt with a long-sleeved T-shirt look plenty preppy, too.

Moving up to a high level


At high school, in a student’s later teenage years, it’s all about feeling comfortable. Even kids who aren’t sports-mad still wear sportswear because of the freedom of movement and comfort it offers.

A book bag slung casually over the shoulders is practical while also giving off that vibe of nonchalance that imbues youth with a carefree attitude.

As the weather cools, and autumn leaves start to show their bright colors, layering clothes becomes important once again, but nowadays some clothes come with their own layers combined into one garment, so don’t be fooled.

Socks are a fun way to add a surprising splash of color to an outfit. Tie-dyed patterns are popular once again, and can be seen in socks, adding a playful touch.

College colleagues

The Aperture
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In the college years, the preppy look goes into high gear as students begin to add slightly more formal items to their wardrobes like jackets, longer skirts and stylish yet practical pullovers and pants. College students still dress in a sporty and casual way, but with flashes of maturity as their full-fledged adulthood approaches.
Of course, the preppy, back-to-school look takes on many and varied forms depending on the age of the student. Different trends appeal to children and young adults at different times of their lives. But the key is to dress in a way that is both comfortable and classy, and to take pride in your appearance.
Also, as the school look leading the trend is changing little by little with time, it would be a good choice to match existing preppy items and new items together in time for the Back to School season.
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