New schoolbags for students of all ages

Many of the little difficulties of everyday life can be solved by surprisingly simple solutions. One example is having the right container to hold your possessions as you move around during the day. Our two hands can only hold so much, while pockets are really only good for holding small items (and not everyone has garments with pockets). This is why people invented bags – to hold our things, to keep them organized and safe from the elements, and to prevent us from losing them.

Schoolchildren are no exception. They need practical and attractive bags to ferry their books, stationery items, tablet PC and so on safely between home and school, and to fit in with the other children. BEANPOLE KIDS from Samsung C&T Fashion Group is an unrivaled leader in the field of making schoolbags for boys and girls of all ages, launching new offerings each year that attract admiring looks from children as well as their parents.

Binky bags for girls

For girls in 2024, the key colors suggested by BEANPOLE KIDS are light purple, pink, and beige. The most popular girls’ bags this season have the BEANPOLE KIDS signature rabbit character Binky for a theme, with a brightly colored Binky on the clear plastic molding on the bags, as well as an accessory Binky doll to dangle from the bag’s zipper.

As well as being attractive, the Binky book bag sets are practical. The 2-piece sets come with a slightly smaller bag to hold snacks, gym clothes, or extra books, while the 3-piece set comes with an extra smaller bag for a child’s cell phone.

Bags for boys

The key colors for boys this year are black, gray, and dark green. Any young boy will be excited to go to school with a classic BEANPOLE KIDS book bag in black with its multiple pockets and sturdy zippers to withstand an active lifestyle.

For a boy with a lot of belongings (or who wants to bring lots of snacks to share with his classmates) a 3-piece book bag set consisting of a backpack, auxiliary bag and a smaller cross-bag is recommended by BEANPOLE KIDS. The front pocket comes in a solid dark green, with a check pattern below it for a delicate touch of class.

There are plenty of other options, too, including classic single-piece book bags, capacious utility bags and more, in a variety of colors.

Bags for older children

For older girls, the beige monogram satchel and book bag set from BEANPOLE KIDS comes with an easy-to-use and practical magnetic fastener, as well as friendly Binky motifs and accessory.

The 2-pocket molded 2-piece schoolbag set, with a backpack and auxiliary bag, is a big hit with older kids, especially boys. The upper pocket of the bag has a design featuring planets of outer space that can encourage a student to be drawn to the sciences. The familiar BEANPOLE bicycle logo on the lower pocket adds a touch of charm.

With its generous capacity and ease of access, a messenger bag is a good option for an older boy who wants to carry something different from a backpack.

As the winter vacation period finishes ahead of the new school year, now is a good time to think about what your child will use to hold his or her belongings, and about which popular schoolbags are suitable for your child’s tastes. A practical and attractive schoolbag set from BEANPOLE KIDS can be a good solution to both.

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