Caribbean Bay: A Water Park for All Seasons

Going to a water park would probably not top the list of typical winter outings, but Everland’s Caribbean Bay makes for an exception. As one of Korea’s largest water parks, Caribbean Bay’s wide array of indoor attractions gives visitors a well-rounded itinerary for underwater fun and relaxation – even when it’s unbearably cold outside.

Find out what activities await at Caribbean Bay for families, couples and friends of all ages; it’s the perfect getaway for locals and travelers in search of some respite from the freezing outdoors. 

Full Tide: Indoor Wave Pool

Caribbean Bay is an adventure-themed water park that takes after the Caribbean Sea during the 15th century, when scrappy sailors and pirates ruled the waters.

The Aquatic Center is the focal point of the park’s winter transformation, exuding the tropical atmosphere of its inspiration. It houses Caribbean Bay’s main attractions, including the Indoor Wave Pool and the Indoor Kids’ Pool – two vast indoor play areas.

Swimmers will be in for a real splash while going against the rollicking waves in the Wave Pool, and since almost all of the pools maintain cozy temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius, it will never feel like it is actually winter.

Water Playground: Indoor Kids’ Pool

After taking a fun first dip in the Wave Pool, bring the little ones over to the Kids’ Pool. Filled to a depth of 20-70cm and bolstered by swerving slides, those hankering for the typical water park experience will get to speed through curving tubes while following the rushing streams.

Ranging from the Pool Side Slide, the three-course Quick Ride to the Diving Pool – thrill-seekers will have no trouble finding excitement in this area of the park.

Floating Journey: River Way

Another one of Caribbean Bay’s major highlights is the River Way, which runs 550 meters through the Fortress zone of the park. The pool has both covered and uncovered portions, letting visitors comfortably float along the warm river while enjoying the view. 

There is an impressive cavern in the indoor part of the River Way, letting passersby experience a mini-oasis with waterfalls in the middle of their Caribbean journey.

Soaking in the Tub: Bade Pool

Near the outdoor part of the River Way is the Bade Pool – Caribbean Bay’s aquatic relaxation space.

The pool is equipped with traditional German open-air baths that offer hydraulic finger pressure therapy, relieving stress and fatigue through underwater massage elements. 

The warm baths give couples a chance to bond and tired parents a place to unwind, all in the name of health and invigoration.

Wellness for Everyone: Spa and DIY Beauty Zone

After a long day in some of Caribbean Bay’s pools, what would be better than to end the experience with a trip to the park’s spa facilities?

The Spa is the go-to area for recovery, with different types of baths (warm and cold), and a handful of various saunas. Some of the baths are scented with jasmine, lemon or rose, offering a calming and aromatic experience for bathers.

Moving on from the saunas, a short rest in the Relax Room is another antidote for tired and aching muscles. Lined with high-tech “body capsules”, the room’s massage machines will recharge those in need of a mid-winter pick-me-up.

Lastly, the DIY Beauty Zone provides a customized esthetic experience for some well-needed healing; services include face masks and aromatherapy, and are some of the most popular activities for couples. 

Beating Cold Temperatures Underwater

Many probably don’t realize that Caribbean Bay is open throughout the winter, but with several enticing indoor (and even outdoor!) attractions available during the winter months, it could even be argued that now is the best time to visit Korea’s most well-known water park.  

Caribbean Bay is the perfect spot to shed bulky coats and clunky boots, while pretending to vacation on a tropical beach with family and friends – a place where the weather is definitely well above freezing.

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