How the Rose Colors Your Relationship At Everland’s 2017 Rose Festival

“When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.”

 That can ring true not only for Billy Crystal’s character in When Harry Met Sally but also for any romantic in pursuit of everlasting love, especially during spring when couples seem to emerge everywhere.

That is why if you are ready to tie the knot, you want to find the best proposal destination that can turn the next chapter of your life.

Perhaps, that place is the 33rd Annual Rose Festival in Everland (open now), where over 1 million roses of 670 species are more than just fragrant floral offerings. They have deep meaning behind each distinct color and kind. Thus, it’s of utmost importance to pick the proper petals and send your beloved just the right message – one that exudes from your restless soul. In doing so, choosing the perfect rose color – red, purple, pink, yellow, or white – could mean the difference between humming a joyous tune in June and crying a sob-filled “Why?” in July.

Starting with this year’s rose festival, visitors will be able to enjoy 8 rare varieties of roses that Everland developed in-house. Unlike existing species of roses that lose their fragrance throughout the day, Everland’s own new varieties offer a strong, persisting fragrance that maintains its pleasant perfume throughout the day. In addition to the new varieties, other rare species such as Garden Party, Moon Shadow, and Casanova, amongst others, will also be available at the 33rd Annual Rose Festival at Everland.

1. Purple

First up is purple. Purple roses stand for enchantment. Purple roses signal that the giver has fallen in love at first sight. Your significant other has shown so much charm that she’s become completely irresistible. A specially developed rose by the Gyeonggi-do Agricultural Research and Extension Services called Deep Purple is one prime example, now showcased around the world, including at Everland’s rose garden.

2. Pink

Next is pink. Pink isn’t just another pretty color for girls. Pink roses, like the rose festival’s Pink Heart, portrays significant affection to the admired one who stands out from the rest in respectability and decorum. That is why she deserves a dash of grace and whole lot of gentle. Since pink isn’t red, it symbolizes innocent love.

3. Red

And then there’s red. Red roses are, arguably, the most beautiful of all, standing the test of time. The most obvious meaning of the red rose is deep love and affection. In the 18th century, lovers, who were forced by society to keep their feelings mum, exchanged red roses to communicate their hidden emotion of love.

4. Yellow

When compared to red, yellow is very unassuming in charm and simply – well, sweet. Yellow roses, like the green-tinged Yellow Eye, express joy and friendship and represent simpler times like for newlyweds or graduates. They also indicate mending rifts, starting anew, and having an “it’s all behind us now” mindset.

5. White

More than the others, white is serious. White roses, as their color may suggest, stand for innocence and purity. The white rose, like Everland’s Wedding Cake and Beast, extols a love that resides in the soul. Often called the “flower of light,” it represents love sustained by unchanging loyalty even stronger than death’s pull. More than red-blooded passion, the white rose speaks of a love held by reverence and humility that outlasts any temporary fervor.

These 5 shades are just an extension of the colorful programs available at Everland’s rose garden, which boasts a proposal photo zone called the ‘Bouquet of a Thousand Roses,’ pop art-themed installation art by designer Jae-geun Hwang, and even a ‘Good Morning Garden Tour’ with botanists.

Be sure to grab your loved one, before it ends on June 11, to catch all the floral festivities that can nudge your romance in the right direction.

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