Everland Tailored for Kids Part 2: Indoor Spaces for Creativity

What do you do if you’ve promised the kids a day at the amusement park but find ominous, dark clouds rolling in? Rain or shine, there’s a plan mapped out right here for you. Take your kids to indoor spaces and let their imagination run wild at Everland.

Bubbling with Creativity: Kids Village

Kids Village is designed to encourage creative thinking and let children express their feelings and thoughts. As they make their way through four “springs” with designated themes, kids will engage in various activities built to provide a learning experience while maximizing the fun.

The village accepts visitors every hour from 11 a.m. through 7 p.m. so make sure to reserve your spot ahead of time at the automated machine on site; it’s first come, first served.

1) The Spring of Exploration

The first stop encourages children to explore their surrounding environment. Visitors can sit in front of a digital forest and see animals pop up from unexpected places. They can also go up and pet the animals to see how they respond. Understanding how objects move in relation to external stimuli is another big part of the experience, which is why stations are set up with colorful marbles, bubbles, laser lights and more to let children interact with them.

2) The Spring of Emotion

At the next station, kids get to explore the analog and digital world. They can hop on a bike to make little animal cutouts move to the music, sit in a cozy cubby to watch educational animations, or try to grab their favorite words floating on a giant screen.

3) The Spring of Thinking

This is a great place for kids to use their imagination and share their thoughts with others. Building on bedtime classics, children can tell their own stories using shadow puppets. They can also venture into their favorite fairy tales with the help of a camera that embeds video of the reader directly in an on-screen storybook.

4) The Spring of Wisdom

The last stop gives children some time to sit down and discover new books to read or have stories read to them. They can also step into a designated play room with a bevy of toys and creative tools.

As you leave Kids Village, don’t forget there’s another fun but educational experience waiting for children right next door at Lenny’s Safety Center, where visitors can learn about everything from fire evacuation drills to the Heimlich Maneuver.

Discovering Nature: Kidscovery

If you’ve already visited some of Everland’s key animal attractions, Kidscovery is a great place for children to run around and try to spot some of their favorite animals.

The giant indoor play area has eight themes on nature including the jungle, the Arctic, volcanoes, and the ocean. Kids can climb up cliffs, crawl through logs, and sit in caves as well. Another popular attraction is the indoor jungle gym.

There’s also a toddler zone for those too young to join the adventures of their brothers and sisters, and a separate cafe area for adults who might want to enjoy a cup of coffee while their kids explore the area.

You can also reserve your space at Kidscovery for designated time slots, so plan your day ahead to minimize the hassle of waiting in line.

In the Dark: Into the Ocean

Getting children acquainted with fish and other marine animals can be extra fun when you have a place like Into the Ocean, which invites kids to the deepest depths of the underwater world. The entire area, referred to as the Blacklight experience zone for children, is dimly lit and decorated with glow-in-the-dark animals from the ocean, offering a mysterious but playful atmosphere.

Children can read story books with special flashlights that transform things from color to black-and-white, depending on which light is used to illuminate the page.

They can also jump into ball pits or draw sea creatures with glow-in-the-dark pens. The best part about this is that they get to see their drawings come to life. The images can be scanned and then projected on a giant fish tank full of different art pieces created by other visitors.

Just because the weather isn’t the best, it doesn’t mean kids have to stay at home. Plan a visit to these indoor spaces at Everland and give their creative minds more room to explore and expand. And don’t forget, when the weather clears up, there’s another kids’ guide to Everland for adventures outdoors.

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