Happy Halloween: Boo-tiful Traditions at Everland

On the last night of October each year, surreal scenes flourish around the world. In the U.S. and Canada, ordinary houses transform into haunted mansions, while many people in Austria leave bread, water, and a lamp on the table at night to welcome departed souls – all to celebrate Halloween.

But as Halloween celebrations became more extravagant and diverse, it’s easy to forget the fascinating stories behind some of the festival’s most beloved traditions, like trick-or-treating and pumpkin carving.

To bring families together this Halloween, Everland created Boo Street, inspired by the festival’s fascinating past. Let’s dive back into the history books and look at how some of the best-known Halloween customs came about before you visit South Korea’s largest theme park.

A History of Tricks and Treats

You’ve most definitely heard of trick-or-treating, but bet you didn’t know about mumming or souling.

Mumming is a tradition from the Middle Ages. Groups of people in costumes went from house-to-house, performing songs and plays in exchange for food. Some say trick-or-treating was inspired by this tradition while others believe it came from a 15th century custom called souling, which involved people going around villages to collect soul cakes on behalf of the spirits.

Everland’s Boo Street has put a unique twist to this time-honored tradition, creating a trick-or-treating experience which retains its central spirit with a modern touch. Come join the daily show on Parade Road to watch over 50 iconic Halloween characters march around in outlandish costumes. And don’t miss out on the fairies giving away free candy to anyone who shouts “trick or treat” in front of the Rose Gift shop. Adults be warned though: your candy might taste a little “special”.

Action-packed Halloween

Many Halloween activities come with an intriguing tale. Take pumpkin carving for example. Did you know that the original Jack-o-Lantern was in fact carved from turnips to fend off evil spirits? The pumpkin only became a Halloween symbol after Irish immigrants switched to the vegetable because it was larger and easier to carve. And apple bobbing is thought to originate from an annual festival in honor of Pomona, the goddess of fruit and trees.

Inspired by these traditions, Everland has designed a myriad of fun-filled games for Boo Street visitors. Hop along to Magic Time Restaurant and try out your luck at dice rolling. There you can also test your skills at monster bowling, take part in a blood-pumping game of broomstick ball, and capture mischievous ghosts. For those with a more adventurous spirit, explore the Carnival Square to meet the elusive Halloween Magician. Legend has it he can levitate and perform mind-blowing card tricks!

The chefs at Everland have whipped up a special Halloween menu for Boo Street visitors to sample along with the fun and games. Items on the menu include Eyeball-ade, baby ghost corndog, witch finger cheese panini, and many more spooky dishes.

Come Face-to-Face with Creatures of the Night

Spinning intricate webs in the darkest corners to catch preys, spiders can make even the bravest soul recoil in fear. While the eight-legged creature is now the ultimate symbol of fright, the spider’s connection with Halloween in the past may surprise you. In medieval times, people thought a spider sighting during the festival was a sign that the spirit of a departed loved one was close by.

To celebrate the spider’s unique place in Halloween folklore, Everland’s zookeepers have assembled a unique cast of arachnids at Spooky Zootopia’s Spider and Insect exhibition to greet visitors. Aside from giant tarantulas, visitors can also come face-to-face with many other hair-raising creatures, such as millipedes and scorpions, at the special exhibition. For an even more intimate encounter, you can sign up to hold some of these creatures!

Spooky Zootopia is home to many other Halloween icons from the animal kingdom, such as bats and owls. Come join the Zoo Party and celebrate this Halloween with these creatures of the night.

A Halloween Experience for All-ages

With a variety of games and activities on offer, Everland’s Boo Street is the ultimate place to experience the rich tradition of Halloween. From trick-or-treating to a journey into the animal kingdom, there is something for everyone there. Plan a trip to Boo Street this Halloween for an unforgettable family trip.

For the few brave souls reading this, you may wish to try your luck at Everland’s Blood City. Just a fair warning: It’s not for the faint-hearted!

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