Everland’s Best Rides Roar Back into Action

Ask any roller coaster fan in Korea and they’ll tell you that they’ve been missing one thing over the past few months – the feeling of an adrenaline rush. That’s because some of the most iconic rides at Everland, the country’s largest theme park, go into hibernation during winter. Even the most hardened roller coaster fanatic would balk at withstanding the biting cold wind produced by the velocity of the rides.

Thankfully, the wait is over! With temperatures warming, many beloved rides at Everland are coming back into action. To celebrate their return, the theme park is hosting a month-long roller coaster festival. Not only will visitors get to experience hair-raising thrills once again, Everland is also giving out prizes to those who dare to take on 5 or more designated rides. To enter the prize draw, all you need to do is collect a mission sheet at the event booth and collect stamps after each ride.

Think you’ve got what it takes? Here are 5 of the most frightening rides at Everland.

1. T-Express

Don’t let its appearance deceive you. While the T-Express’ wooden frames may look enchanting, its dizzying falls can strike fear into the bravest of hearts.

Inspired by the mountain railways in the Alps, the T-Express travels at a top speed of over 100 km/hour and includes an almost vertical drop. It’s no wonder the ride is considered one of the best wooden roller coasters in the world.

2. Thunder Falls

Like the best symphonies, Thunder Falls begins gently. But don’t let the false sense of security fool you – there are surprises hidden at every turn. By the time the finale arrives, you’ll be left gasping for air, soaked from head to toe.

Want to know what surprises Thunder Falls hold? There’s only one way to find out.

3. Hurricane

The wind will roar in your ears. Your body will tingle with fear, and your mind will turn blank as Hurricane takes you directly to the eye of the storm.

Sailors who’ve fought the angry ocean have told many legendary stories through history. By the time you step off Hurricane, you will also be able to tell your very own survival tale. Just remember to hold on tight!

4. Let’s Twist

Think back to the sense of liberation you felt when you listened to rock n’ roll for the first time. Now imagine hearing that song on full blast while hanging upside down high above ground with adrenaline pumping through your veins. That’s just a fraction of what you’ll feel on Let’s Twist.

Located in the American Adventure zone, Let’s Twist’s wild swings will stretch your vocal chords and make you scream on top of your lungs!

5. Rolling X-train

Ever wondered what it’s like to hurtle through space on an asteroid? With multiple gravity-defying loops, riding the Rolling X-train is as close as it gets. Couple that with its break neck speed, the ride is the stuff of every roller coaster fan’s dream.

Fun and Thrills for All

Racing Coaster
Amazon Express

Not only is Everland’s roller coaster festival a must-do for every adrenaline junkie, it’s also the perfect place to start getting the next generation hooked on theme park rides. From the fun-filled Racing Coaster to the mysterious Amazon Express, there is a ride for everyone at the festival.

And for those who have a competitive spirit, keep an eye out for the Ever Orienteering race on March 3. Participants race to complete all the designated roller coasters, with great prizes awaiting the winners.

Are you ready for your adrenaline fix? Visit Everland’s roller coaster festival before it ends on March 15.

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