Kick off the New Year in Style at Everland’s Winter Festival

The presents have been opened, the champagne’s been popped, and it’s back to the regular routine for most people. After all the festivities, it’s hard not to feel a slight tinge of post-holiday blues in January.

But worry not, because Everland has prepared a fun-filled Winter Festival to help you kick start the new year in style! From sledding to action-packed games, the theme park offers a wide-range of activities for people of all ages.

Snow Buster is Back

Snow Buster, Everland’s most popular winter attraction, is back in action! Whether you are a novice or a thrill-seeker, there is a course for you at the classic sledding park in Alpine Village.

If you are looking for an adrenaline rush, the 200-meter express course might just be what you are after. To make the course even more thrilling, Everland has even installed 4-seater sleds in all four lanes. For those with a competitive spirit, try pitting your sledding skills against others at the racing course. The family course, meanwhile, is perfect for families with young children.

This year, Everland has opened the brand-new Snow Buster Lounge near the course for you to relax in. Filled with cozy bean bags and warm decorations, the lounge helps you recharge your energy quickly and make the most of your day at the theme park.

Snow Playground

At Everland’s Winter Festival, the fun doesn’t stop at Snow Buster. Just a stone’s throw away from the sledding park is the Snow Playground.

Filled with games and visual spectacles, Snow Playground offers a unique way to experience winter with your family and loved ones. At the snow game zone, you can even test your throwing skills and win special prizes. Aside from games, you can also explore winter-themed installations that will make you feel like a traveler in the North Pole.

Snow Safari

Nature in winter is a time of beauty and wonder. At Everland’s Snow Safari, you can get up close and personal with theme park’s animal residents in snow-capped landscapes.

From ferocious tigers to playful pandas, you’ll see unique winter behaviors as you travel through the safari. During your journey, try to look closely between the tree branches. You might see monkeys or red pandas if you are lucky!

Keep the Fun Going

Everland’s Winter Festival will run until the 3rd March. There’s no better way to keep the fun going after the holiday season than a trip to Korea’s largest theme park!

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