Everland celebrates spring with a touch of Dutch

Everland is raising the curtains on spring this March 16th–April 28th as South Korea’s largest theme park kicks off the annual Tulip festival. During the 44-day festival the park will showcase over 1 million flowers in 90 different varieties including tulips and daffodils.

This year’s theme will be “Flowers Meet Art” and will feature work from well-known Dutch and Korean artists as well as unique interactive installations.

An Artist’s Inspiration

Celebrating the Dutch heritage of tulips, the theme park will host a variety of art programs related to the Piet Mondrian, the famous artist from the Netherlands known for his abstract paintings featuring lines and primary colors popularized in a recent K-Drama.

At the Art Studio next to the Amsterdam Restaurant, for example, Professor Jae Baak from the Seoul National University will be operating an art studio where guests can experience Piet Mondrian’s work up close in a variety of mediums including mirror tunnels, touch lights, and message walls.

Visitors can also find Piet Mondrian’s work in front of the Petting Zoo at Safari World in the new Brencia Zone. Brencia is a portmanteau of brick and the Spanish word Querencia, meaning a place where bull recuperates during a bullfight, and refers to a place for people to recharge. In the Brencia Zone, visitors can stack giant, Piet Mondrian-themed blocks, take pictures and relax.

Celebrating Spring

In addition to the art installations, Everland will also celebrate with several flower-themed zones and programs.

At the Four Seasons Garden there will be a 10,000m2 stage designed to feel like a Dutch tulip field with a three-tiered temple of flowers. The garden will feature 20 rare tulip breeds including the Black Parrot which looks like the wings of a parrot, and the Happy Family, a breed with many bulbs blooming from a single stem.

The Four Seasons Garden will also host 20 different spring characters including flower elves, honeybees, and caterpillars as they perform a spring waltz 4-5 times daily. In addition to the spring waltz, on March 29th two new performances will also begin. The Fairy in Art performance will feature music, dance, and elaborate costume changes as guests get up close and personal with performers to take photos together. The Carnival Fantasy Parade will also begin, celebrating the world’s most passionate festivals from Rio, Venice, and beyond. 

Throughout the garden there are also many Piet Mondrian-themed statues and photo walls, making it he perfect spot to take a stroll, watch performances, and snap photos to share with friends and family on social media.

Dutch Influence

To help promote the festival Everland is partnering with the Netherlands to hold a variety of special events that begin at the end of March. Every Saturday will feature a range of different events including a visit and lecture from Lody Embrechts, the Dutch Ambassador to Korea.

Other events will include trying on traditional Dutch costumes for photos and tulip arrangement classes.

For more information on Everland’s Tulip Festival and associated events, visit the park’s website at www.everland.com.

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