Christmas fantasy at Everland

At Christmastime in the end of the year it is most important to spend time with loved ones. But which loved ones come first to mind during this holiday depends on local customs.

In many western countries, where Christmas is close to its Christian roots, it is one of the biggest holidays in the entire year to spend with family. Stores close, people take vacation time, and schools are empty for weeks as families reunite and exchange love, gifts, and fond memories.

There has also always been a romantic side to Christmas. And in Korea, where most of the themes of family togetherness are the focus of the Lunar New Year holiday, the romance of Christmas has come to the fore. It is one of the best days the year for young couples to walk together in a winter wonderland while sleigh bells ring in the background. Are you listening?

And it must be said that the perfect winter wonderland this year for Christmas romance, or family togetherness, is Everland. Here is an overview of Everland’s Christmas essentials.

Performance times are subject to change, so please double-check the schedule on the day that you visit.

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