Defy winter at Caribbean Bay, the best outdoor/indoor spa

There’s nothing better to stave off the shrinking, heavy feeling that winter gives you than sinking into the inviting warmth of a spa. Especially if you can still feel the nippy cold at the same time, nothing beats the refreshment and relaxation of warm waters. And there is nowhere better to get that sublime experience than Caribbean Bay. You might be thinking it is only for the warm summer months, but you would be mistaken. Many of the water attractions stay open in the winter with an inviting temperature of 30 degrees Celsius. And there is a good chance you can get one of the best spots if you stop by soon.

Indoor oasis of inviting warmth

It may not be as apparent in the summer months, but about a quarter of Caribbean Bay is actually indoors. The Aquatic Center is a giant indoor facility replete with its own wave pool, water slides, wading pool and diving pool.

Watch the video below to experience the water slides in advance.

Hideaways for mom and dad

But not everything inside the Aquatic Center is designed for children. There are plenty of things for mom and dad to do as well – but maybe not at the same time. When you’re not watching the kids, though, you can visit the spa, sauna, the Relax Room, the Aquatic Cabana, or maybe even camp out in the Spa Village.

The river is the way

Yes, the River Way is also open in the winter, and its approximately 30 degrees Celsius temperature keeps the cold well away from anyone floating down its lazy, winding bed.

You can also enjoy the wonderful River Way in the video below!

During the winter season, Caribbean Bay is open from 10am to 5pm on weekdays, and stays open until 6pm on the weekend. For more information, please check out the Caribbean Bay website.

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