Farewell, Everland Safari World Bus!

Everland is 45 years old this year, and with this, the family-friendly and fun theme park belonging to Samsung C&T Resort Group will unveil a brand new Safari World this spring to allow visitors to see the wild beasts closer than ever before.

That means that Everland’s iconic safari bus, which has been driving visitors around the Everland Zoo all the way from Everland’s birth as Yongin Farmland, will be retired.

Passengers on this early Safari World bus in the 1970s in Yongin Farmland (now Everland) are amazed to see lions.

The safari buses have gone through many transformations since their 1976 debut in Safari World, the first such wild animal park not only in South Korea but all of Asia.

The attraction brought millions of visitors to the park, drawn by the novelty of observing big cats and other large land-based mammals up close.

Over the years, around 84 million passengers have ridden on the Safari World bus, making it Everland’s most popular ride. As part of the renewal of Safari World, the resort plans to introduce a new and different type of passenger vehicle to escort visitors through the animal kingdom.

Lions laze in Safari World as a distinctly tiger-like bus drives past.

The outgoing bus will be farewelled through a succession of events this spring to commemorate its 45 years of faithful service. Those who have memories of riding on the Safari World bus through the decades are invited to send in photos and stories to form a visual memorial, and the Samsung C&T Newsroom will also be taking its own look back on the history of this unique attraction, so please stay tuned!

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