Spring comes alive in Everland amidst countless flowers in full bloom

When the song “Tiptoe Through the Tulips” was written almost 100 years ago by two Americans, it seems unlikely that they were thinking about a theme park in Korea, but if that tune were composed today, it would surely have a line or two about Samsung C&T Resort Group’s Everland just outside Seoul. Each spring, Everland is festooned with tulips of every hue. Every conceivable variety of this flower bulb blooms in spring in a dazzling display that delights the eyes.

Gorgeous tulips once again decorate Everland.

Celebrating history by recreating the past

This is a very special year, marking the 45th year since Everland first opened in 1976, originally under the name Farmland. To commemorate and celebrate this history, Everland’s massive 10,000m2 Four Seasons garden will be converted into a retro Farmland homage garden. Over a million colorful spring flowers of 100 species, including tulips, daffodils and grape hyacinth have been planted to create the colorful embroidery patterns characteristic of the garden in the 1990s.

Historical advertising posters and bulky cathode ray tube televisions (remember those?) have been decoratively installed in collaboration with the design department at Seoul National University, recreating the look and feel of days gone by and taking people back into the past. Dutch landscape backdrops and objects selected with the assistance of the embassy of the Netherlands in Korea also add a picturesque Lowlands feel to the garden.

The Four Seasons Garden is always a colorful place.

In the meantime, a 24-meter-long, 11-meter-high LED screen set up for the first time at Everland adds something new and exciting to the flower garden. From the top of every hour, this screen will show about ten minutes of footage from tulip fields in the Netherlands. The film will connect to the Everland Four Seasons garden in such a way that the real tulips merge with those on the screen, creating one fantastic scene.

What’s more, in a collaboration with the Rijksmuseum, the world-famous national museum of art in Amsterdam, about 10 famous paintings by Dutch masters will be reborn as moving images that seem to come alive on the LED screen.

A giant LED screen shows tulips and windmills in the Netherlands blending with the garden of tulips at Everland.

Springtime also means plum and cherry blossoms

Besides the tulips, the Sky Plum Blossom Trail is also the one of the first places to enjoy the visual beauty of spring. Thousands upon thousands of plum blossoms are bejeweling 700 trees of 11 different types of plum trees. Tiny, delicate and short-lived pinkish cherry blossoms have also budded on over 10,000 trees. Their blooming is always an early sign that spring is here and winter is behind us.

The blooms of spring vividly show the cycle of seasons and life.

For more information about Everland’s spring, please visit the Everland website.

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