Blooming chrysanthemums meet Blood City at Everland this Halloween

Each year for Halloween, Everland transforms into an autumnal wonderland that is equal parts beautiful and beastly. This fall too it is Happy Halloween, where the whole family can enjoy beautiful gardens and fun shows together, and the thrills and chills of Blood City have returned in a new, more exciting way.

A witch seems to have left her hat in the Four Seasons Garden.

Happy Halloween with floral frills

Everland’s main garden, the huge Four Seasons Garden that is 10,000 square meters in size, has been transformed into a Halloween-themed garden. It is now full of autumn flowers such as cosmos, globe amaranths, and silver grass, along with amusing sculptures of pumpkins and skulls.

A blanket of 200,000 chrysanthemum marigolds with their distinctive orange blooms heralding the high point of autumn have been planted right in front of a 24-meter wide, 11-meter high LED screen. This screen also shows the orange flowers, creating a Halloween “infinity garden” in which the marigolds seem to stretch on forever.

A giant LED screen provides an infinite vista of chrysanthemum marigolds, while tombstones create a rather spooky vibe.

Meanwhile, on Sky Plum Blossom Trail, thousands of bright red burningbush, also known as Mexican firebrush or fireweed, seem to blaze under the autumn skies. They turn red long before the leaves of other trees do, making them a perfect harbinger of the season.

On top of that, cute but villainous characters such as skeletons, witches, and pumpkins will appear in the Everland Halloween Wicked Parade, and the Sweet & Spooky Trick or Treat performance will be held at Four Seasons Garden, in which ghosts will dance an exciting dance.

Blood City: A creepy horror theme zone

If Everland by day is pleasant and colorful, at night it becomes scary and dark. For Halloween, the Everland Alpine area has been transformed into the annual nighttime horror theme zone called Blood City, this year with the theme Dark Xircus. Inside this bizarre circus camp, the atmosphere is mysterious and unsettling.

The entrance to Blood City Dark Xircus

Passing through the massive gates and past the circus wagons reminiscent of the old traveling circuses of yesteryear, there is a tunnel, its roof composed of giant faces, creating a creepy and uncanny atmosphere.

Creepy giant faces above? I must be in Blood City Dark Xircus!

Dozens of zombies here perform the Crazy Zombie Hunt that involves circus tricks like riding a unicycle and surprising acrobatic tricks, while super-large zombies over three meters tall, including ringmasters and clowns, will suddenly appear on the streets of Blood City.

Just inside the entrance to Blood City is the scary looking Clown Make-up World, resembling an abandoned funfair. There, professional make-up artists use their brush skills to turn human faces into zombie masks, adding to the creepy and frightening atmosphere of the Dark Xircus.

Inside the carousel lies Clown Make-up World, where humans become zombies.

In addition, the Dark Amazon Express boat will take passengers through the dark to face their fears, and the Night Safari Tram will give views of the movements of nocturnal animals such as lions, tigers, brown bears, and hyenas, through its wide windows.

The night safari features lions, tigers, and hyenas.

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