Riding high on Everland’s vivid autumnal scenery

It is common knowledge that autumn is one of the most beautiful times to be in Korea. The weather offers a fine balance between summer’s blistering heat and winter’s biting cold. Skies are often bright cerulean blue with only a few wispy clouds here and there. But it is the foliage that really grabs one’s attention: the bright reds, oranges and yellows of leaves as they change colors from vernal greens to more festive colors and then fall to the ground. Besides that, there are plants and flowers that bloom or grow best in the fall. 

Everland of the Resort Group of Samsung C&T is where all the hues and shades of autumn come together in one place. This year, Everland offers seasonal healing and beauty throughout its park and gardens. 

Healing to be found at Forest Camp

It is rare to find a big expanse of nature near the big city, but that is exactly what Everland’s Forest Camp is. Located just a drive from downtown Seoul, Forest Camp is a natural ecological forest 90,000 square meters in size, planted and tended by Everland.

Forest Camp is where the stunning autumn leaves can be seen in all their glory. Walking around here and taking it all in, the sights, sounds and smells of Forest Camp give the feeling of being inside a painting of the senses.

Hundreds of thousands of trees of almost a dozen types, including maple, zelkova, and ginkgo, are showing off their bright autumn coats here in Forest Camp. Peak viewing time for the leaves before they shed and drift to earth is expected to be around the end of this month. Gardens bursting with globe amaranth and marigold in full bloom also complete the autumn mood.

To enjoy a taste of Everland’s Forest Camp from the comfort of your own home or phone, wherever you are, Everland has made a virtual drone-filmed tour available online.

Bushes that burn and trees made of gold

Another way to experience the beauty of Everland in the autumn season is by hiking a trail. There are a number of trails available at Everland, of which Sky Plum Blossom Trail is possibly the most beautiful. Here the walking path stretches on for about a kilometer between the brightly colored trees, giving a chance to enjoy all of Everland’s beautiful autumn scenery in one relaxing walk. 

As the name of the trail suggests, there is an abundance of plum trees to be found, together with pine and cherry trees – around 10,000 in all.

Closer to the ground, the bright red burningbush, also known as Mexican firebrush or fireweed, with its vivid red foliage that appears to be the flickering flames of a fire frozen and stored in a bush, particularly dazzles the eye. There is a profusion of burningbush along the Sky Plum Blossom Trail, as well as perennial pink muhly grass and fountain grass.

Ginkgo trees in the fall shed a bounty of fruit that give off a pungent aroma but hide delicious nuts inside. At the same time their leaves turn a bright yellow that is truly a wonder to behold. Between Everland’s Rose Castle and the Rose Gift Shop there is a stretch of roughly 120 meters known as Ginkgo Tree Road, where the golden glory of these trees can be admired. Meanwhile, around 10 million globe amaranths, marigolds and silvergrass are blooming in the nearby Four Seasons Garden, creating a perfect romantic autumn mood.

Riding high above it all

Of course, Everland is not just a place where nature can be enjoyed. There are also thrills and spills aplenty in the rides and attractions.

The T-Express is one of the tallest active wooden roller coasters in the world, with a height of 56 meters. It is also Korea’s first and Asia’s third roller coaster made entirely out of wood. Located on a mountain, its ups and downs give ample opportunity to enjoy the amazing autumn leaves of the trees in and around Everland.

Not for the faint of heart, the 77-degree drop from the highest point if the T-Express offers a particularly good spot to take in all the crimsons, golds, and ambers of the leaves – if you can keep your eyes open!

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