Hot trends for the cold season from kuho plus

Trends may come and go each season, but there are some principles that always come round each year. In winter two of those principles are layering multiple garments and using warm materials to give the right thermal protection as well as a feeling of comfort.

Kuho plus, a young contemporary brand that is part of Samsung C&T Fashion Group, offers these trends in a refreshing yet minimalist way. Having experienced a 130 percent increase in sales in the first nine months of this year, this online-only brand has proven itself to be a hit with millennial women.


Creature comforts and winter warmth​

Kuho plus released its 2021 winter collection late last month, just before the cold really starts biting. As can be expected, kuho plus brings together a comfortable mood with its trademark young sensibility.


Head of kuho plus Bae Yoon-shin explains, “For this winter we have prepared new items that reflect the trend of pursuing comfort above all things with the young and unique sensibility of kuho plus,” adding, “With our carefully selected outerwear like signature coats, fleeces, and short padded jackets, we are offering a warm yet differentiated type of styling for the cold weather months.”

The theme of the collection is “perfect (im)perfection,” emphasizing the texture and unique details of the fabrics by using simple designs to allow beauty to be expressed as is. Inspired by nature, olive green and gray are the main colors with a dash of vitality added by the use of pastel hues such as yellow and pink as highlights.

Finding a layered style that works for you​

This winter’s lineup sees more diverse outer offerings, including a signature slim fit or cocoon fit long coat characterized by a structured silhouette, a cropped length peacoat with enhanced comfort and mobility, an eco-fur jacket, and a puffer down jacket.

These items make it easy to create a sophisticated mix-and-match look, such as by pairing a sweatshirt-and-jogger pants setup and Chelsea boots with coats in colors such as olive or blue, or a combination of a cheerful eco-fur jacket with a luxurious knit dress.

Fleeces are in this winter, and kuho plus has used them inside jackets but has also gone beyond that to apply them to vests, bucket hats, and mini bags to give casual attire a cozy and comfortable feeling. As well as keeping you warm, fleece garments can be combined with almost anything.

Also emerging as trend items this season are knit boleros and puffer down vests, both of which are included in kuho plus’ 2021 winter collection. These can be layered and combined with other items to create a unique and fashionable look. For example, the knit bolero with its button detailing fits well with a T-shirt and denim pants, while the puffer down vest looks good with a hoodie and leather miniskirt.

The full 21 Winter Collection of kuho plus, which successfully captured the enduring essence as well as the trends of winter clothing, is now available online at SSF Shop, Samsung C&T Fashion Group’s website.

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