Everland’s Winter Wishes celebration spreads holiday cheer

To celebrate the year’s end, the Everland theme park is doing it big! Its Winter Wishes festival has something for everyone: beautiful scenery to admire, Santa and Rudolph to meet, delicious treats to taste and share, and music and light shows to enjoy. The theme this year is hope and thanks, and people will find many opportunities to express hope for the future and thanks for the past and present.

It seems hardly fair that one month should offer so much comfort and healing, but that is how blessed December in Everland is. Of course, to keep visitors safe during these times, transmission prevention guidelines and social distancing measures are being followed.

With lights, animals, stars, Christmas trees, and so much more, Everland’s Winter Wishes is a gorgeous sight to behold.

Cascading hope shining like gold and magical skies

To deliver the message of hope and gratitude to families, friends, and especially the medical staff who have helped us through difficult times, Everland’s massive Four Seasons Garden has been transformed into a Golden Illumination.

Everland’s Golden Illumination winter garden expresses hope and gratitude.

A unique video of lights of hope gushing like a waterfall will be shown on the 24-meter-long, 11-meter-high LED screen twice for five minutes, while hundreds of thousands of color-changing decorations light up the garden in front of the screen and romantic music plays in the background. This lighting show is a nightly “symphony of light.”

The Symphony of Light is a cascade of golden hope gushing down the giant LED screen.
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Nearby, a special photo zone has been created by the arrangement of thousands of containers shaped like vaccine dosage bottles, with messages inscribed on labels on each bottle. These messages are the expressions of thanks by Everland visitors to doctors, nurses and other medical staff who have done so much to help people through the time of COVID-19.

Elsewhere in the Four Seasons Garden, visitors will create their own “sharing castle” by writing messages of gratitude to people they know and love and hanging them inside the Crystal Palace.

Inside the Crystal Palace, people leave written messages of thanks and affection to loved ones.

To cap it all off, every night until January 1, 2022, in the Four Seasons Garden people will be amazed by Magic in the Sky, a multimedia visual display that combines fireworks, laser lights, special effects, videos and music.

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Dreams come true at Christmas Fantasy

Those who love a good show will be delighted by the parades and performances that Everland’s Christmas Fantasy offers. The Bling Bling X-mas Parade will travel along Parade Road and through Carnival Square once a day, accompanied by Christmas carols and with fluttering white snow.

The Bling Bling X-mas Parade makes its way through Everland, delighting audiences young and old.

Meanwhile, on the Grand Stage there will be twice daily dance performances of Very Merry Santa Village, in which Santa Claus and his helpers tell the story of their busy village preparing gifts for children.

As if that’s not enough, Everland’s beloved mascots Lenny and Lara will put on their own live musical show twice a day on the Grand Stage. “Lenny’s Big Adventure” tells the story of the furry pair going on a quest in search of a magic wand.

After each show, the performers will come out once more to put on a special singalong show with singing and dancing along to carols for the delight and merriment of young and old audience members.

Finding festive food at the Christmas market

Just as last year, every weekend a Christmas market will be open in Everland’s Holland Village, near the Magic Garden. Many European cities hold such markets in their central squares, giving people a chance to celebrate the festive season, eating delicious things and enjoying the sights and sounds of Christmas.

The European-style Christmas market is full of tasty treats and gift ideas.

In this recreation of a Dutch town square there will be plenty of hot food to choose from to fill empty bellies, including barbecue, steak, udon noodles, skewered meats, tteokbokki, and waffles.

Of course, markets are not only about food. Christmas gifts are available for purchase, from cute character products to winter items such as gloves and mufflers. Santa and Rudolph will wander around to spend time with people and performing buskers will offer live music for people to enjoy.

Check out the video below for a quick online tour of the Winter Wishes festival!

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