Everland’s Snow Buster slides in bringing winter fun

The Snow Buster is probably visitors’ favorite attraction at Everland during the winter months. This collection of three sledding courses has something for everybody, from thrill-seeker rides to ones that are safe for the whole family.

Whooshing into the present

While the Snow Buster has been very popular in recent years, Everland has a long and exciting history of snow sledding. In 1988, the theme park became the first in Korea to open a dedicated hill for snow sledding on 1.5 hectares of land. Starting with simple plastic sleds and upgrading to ski-mounted seats, the current tube sled model was settled upon in 1992.

Riders compete against each other on the Snow Buster Racing Course.

The birth and growth of the Snow Buster

In the year 2000 the snow sledding slope was renamed Snow Buster and the course was renewed to give more thrills to Everland’s winter visitors.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the opening of the first sledding hill, a new lane was added to the 200-meter long course for true thrill-seekers, and a 2-meter wide, 30-kilogram tube that holds four people was brought in so that families could whoosh downhill together.

A family enjoys a 4-person tube sled together.

Now there are three courses for all levels of fun and comfort. The family course is for parents and children to sled together. The racing course is for competitive downhill sliders who want speed and thrills with their friends. And the express course allows four people at once to slide 200 meters on a big tube.

In 2019 a new automatic starter system was installed. This conveyor belt gives sledders a push-off while seated on their tubes so that they do not have to perform a running start, which has sometimes resulted in riders being accidentally separated from their sleds.

It also means that more sledders can take off down the slopes each hour. This system is now in use on all three courses and is safer as well as more efficient. To save people from carrying sleds back to the top of the slopes after each ride, a tube lift also conveys them quickly and conveniently.

The Snow Buster Family Course opened on December 24, while the Racing Course and Express Course will open on December 31 and January 7, respectively. 

For the good health of visitors and staff alike, the Korean government’s transmission prevention guidelines and social distancing measures are in place.

Enjoy the thrill of the Snow Buster through the video below!

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