The Year of the Tiger begins in Tiger Valley

Every twelve years comes the Year of the Tiger, according to the ancient Oriental zodiac. This year is a very special Year of the Tiger at Everland, Samsung C&T Resort Group’s theme park, because at the park’s Tiger Valley there lives a group of cute tiger cubs, still less than a year old. Born late in June 2021, they have been welcomed by adoring fans since their introduction to the public just a few months ago.

Now that it is the Year of the Tiger, Everland is taking the opportunity to share some of the tigers’ invigorating energy with visitors and followers and to give people an opportunity to think about the importance of efforts to protect and preserve tigers that remain in the wild.

Can you tell which cub is which? It’s Uri and Nara.
Some birds are eating that tiger’s lunch.

Meeting the Tiger Valley tigers

People can see the furry feline siblings together with their proud mother Geon-gon every day at Tiger Valley. Each of the cubs was born weighing approximately one kilogram, but after six months they have reached more than 30 times their birth weight. This and a lot more information about tigers and the growth of the young cubs are on display at the newly erected Tiger Valley Research Camp.

For example, an album of photos tracks their development from their birth to now, and there are educational materials for you to learn about each tiger’s distinguishing facial features and stripes. In real life, Geon-gon takes care of her cubs by herself, but here there is a photo zone where both mother Geon-gon and father Tae-ho are shown together with their large litter, allowing people a chance to have their photo taken with the whole tiger family and leave a message of blessing for this Tiger year to all the tigers.

Tiger Family House

Inside the new constructed Tiger Family House, people can get virtually closer to the tiger family by participating in activities such as taking photos, playing games, and arts & crafts.

Here sits the retired Safari Bus, which, after decades of faithful service escorting visitors among the wild animals, was replaced in 2021 by the Safari Tram. The bus has been completely redecorated. Inside is a now photo zone and an area where children can color in a tiger mask for themselves.

There are also photo zones dedicated to each of the cubs, where people can choose their favorite(s) and have their picture taken alongside them. Family games have been set up, such as roll the ball, fishing, and beanbag throwing.

Around 70 tiger-themed souvenirs and gifts have been created especially for the Year of the Tiger, such as hooded sweatshirts, slippers, keyrings, and so on.

Check Everland’s website for more details about events and attractions for the Year of the Tiger, and bear in mind that specific details may vary depending on social distancing measures in force on any given day.

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