Recharge your batteries at the Everland Tulip Festival

Everland proudly ushers in the start of spring 2022 with the opening of its Tulip Power Garden full of approximately 1.3 million beautiful spring flowers of 100 types including tulips, daffodils, and muscari. Plus, for lovers of K-pop boy band BTS, a nightly immersive multimedia show is certain to delight.

Beginning in 1992, Everland has held a tulip-themed flower festival each year. This year the family theme park has enhanced its 30 years of accumulated tulip heritage by collaborating with young artists to prepare even more tulip-related content with a young feel. Like the first shoots from a tulip bulb breaking through the soil, Everland hopes that this floral extravaganza will break through people’s COVID-19 fatigue with the renewed energy of spring.

Everland and young artists work together to give more power to tulips

Everland’s famous Four Seasons Garden, which is a very large 10,000 square meters in size, has had a complete makeover into a Tulip Power Garden in collaboration with rising star painter Yislow. Ysilow’s work is noted for its pastel colors and soft and friendly painting style. At the Tulip Power Garden, baby tigers, pandas, and Everland mascots Lenny and Lara come alive through Yislow’s creative reinterpretation; visitors can enjoy them side by side with the blooming flowers of spring.

Everland’s tulip-based character Tuli first appeared at Everland in 1995, and since then has become a beloved mascot who last year ranked in the Top 5 characters that visitors to the park want to see again. Thanks to Yislow, Tuli has multiplied and transformed into Tuli Heroes, which can be found here and there throughout the garden in various dynamic poses, perfect for taking Instagrammable snapshots.

Besides Everland’s Tulip Power Garden, full of 1.3 million spring flowers, there is a Flower Media Garden with its super-large LED screen located in the Four Seasons Garden. Artists Mirim ChuSung Rok Choi, and Professor Je Baak of the College of Fine Arts at Seoul National University created three lively media art videos on the theme of spring and tulips that are shown every day on the screen, measuring 24 meters long and 11 meters high.

A video of tulip fields filmed in the Netherlands, cultural home of tulips worldwide, will also be shown on the screen every hour, creating a fantasy infinity garden in which the real tulips at Everland merge seamlessly with those in the video.

In commemoration of the 30th anniversary of its Tulip Festival, Everland plans to release tulip works as digital art non-fungible tokens (NFTs) made in collaboration with artists such as Yislow and Mirim Chu and showcase them in early April.

Live performances and the subtle scent of plum blossoms

Moving performances that soothe the soul with springtime sentiment can be enjoyed at the Four Seasons Garden. The “Waltz in Royal Palace” is being performed every day on the outdoor deck stage in Everland’s Tulip Power Garden, telling a royal court story through song and dance.

Until May 28, there will also be a Spring Up performance every Saturday evening on the same stage, offering audiences a chance to enjoy the music of young indie artists.

In addition, Everland’s Sky Plum Blossom Trail has opened. Located behind the Columbus Adventure ride, this 33,000 square-meter road is lined with 700 plum trees of 11 types, as well as spring flowers such as tulips and azaleas, filling the air with the subtle scent of blossoms that are representative of spring. The plum blossoms on Sky Plum Blossom Trail are expected to begin blooming around the end of March and peak in early April.

Immersive multimedia BTS show

Besides all the floral beauty to be enjoyed at Everland, this spring also brings listening pleasure, especially to fans of BTS. Music lovers can enjoy 15 minutes of songs from this popular seven-member boy band resounding from a new speaker system, as well as their dynamic dance steps on the giant LED screen in the Four Seasons Garden every evening until August 28. Special effects such as fireworks, laser lights, search lights and tall flames will make the experience more immersive. This special multimedia BTS virtual concert is the result of long preparation by Everland together with HYBE Corporation, BTS’s management company.

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