More flower power than ever at Everland

There can be no doubt that spending some time outdoors after a winter spent mostly inside is good for the soul. And walking around in the fresh air admiring the wonders of nature in the form of colorful flowers and blossoms is even more healing.

The theme park Everland knows and understands this better than most and every spring it bursts with beautiful blooms and places to admire them.

Cherry blossoms and plum scents on Sky Garden Trail

Early to mid-April is peak cherry blossom season this year. These ephemeral blooms that herald the arrival of spring tantalize us with their short-lived beauty. They are here today and gone tomorrow. So people all over Korea look for the best place to walk under the cherry blossoms and take photos to capture their transitory loveliness.

Blossom viewing begins on the way to Everland along the 2.2km section of cherry tree-lined road running from Maseong Tollgate on the Yeongdong Expressway to the theme park’s main gate.

But while it is possible to enjoy cherry blossoms without getting out of the car, it is even better to do so while strolling outdoors. One of the best places to admire and wander among the cherry blossoms lies within Everland itself. Sky Plum Blossom Trail is an excellent location to view these tiny pink flowers that are expected to peak very soon and then disappear until spring next year.

A 3.3-hectare walking trail in Everland, Sky Garden Trail attracts many visitors in Korea each spring. Climbing the summit lookout along on the trail, a mountain becomes visible across the valley, festooned with 10,000 light pink cherry blossom trees in full bloom, harmonizing with the panoramic view of Everland theme park.

But that’s not all. Aside from cherry blossoms, more than 700 plum trees of 11 different types diffuse their subtle but delicious scent of plum blossoms all the way along Sky Garden Trail. In addition, the golden yellow forsythia, a familiar and cheerful sight each spring, also welcome weary walkers.

Other ways to enjoy the spring in Everland

Besides Sky Garden Trail, there is also the Aesop Cherry Blossom Road that runs between the thrilling frisbee ride called Hurricane and Aesop’s Village, and the Magic Cherry Blossom Road between the Space Tour Vehicle and the Kingdom of Cars. Both roads are also places to gaze upon cherry blossoms while also seeing the fun rides that Everland has to offer.

Each season, Everland’s centerpiece Four Seasons Garden highlights different flora. This spring it has become a Tulip Power Garden to mark the 30th anniversary of Everland’s annual tulip festival. Including tulips, the Four Seasons Garden now abounds with more than a million spring flowers of 100 kinds, including daffodils and muscari, all in full bloom.

Private picnics with a floral fragrance

Everland also has its own private forest, and hidden within is Forest Camp, a place where people can enjoy a leisurely picnic in the spring sunshine. Naturally, flowers are not far away.

Forest Camp is an ecological forest that sprawls over nine hectares of pristine nature and where hikers are surrounded on all sides by hundreds of thousands of trees and flowering plants including cornus fruit, plum blossoms, tulips, hydrangeas, and malus floribundas, making it a good zone to sit down and space out with spring flowers.

There are rest areas with benches and chairs as well as patches of grass with wide open views, and the number of visitors per day is limited to allow people space and peace to heal in the embrace of Mother Nature while experiencing spring’s glory to the fullest.

Forest Camp also features outdoor busking performances by Everland’s mascots Lenny and Lara on the grassy lawn, and visitors can bring their own chairs, sunshades and food.

More Details can be found on Everland’s website.

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